My first ‘proper’ blog!

So, me a blogger?!?!?

How on earth did that all happen??

Well, I guess it all started about 18 months ago, when I met someone who ‘changed’ my life

A lot of you will know her out there as ‘Frivolous Mrs D’ or Elena to her friends!

At the time, I had no idea that this was going to happen, and I wasn’t even out there looking for it to happen!

What happened was I had a random invite from a work colleague inviting me to a ‘plus size clothing swap’ that Elena was holding.

Now, I was the kind of plus size woman who didn’t like herself, or her size very much at all, and lived most of my life in Jeans and T-shirts, or big black dresses. If it wasn’t Evans or Primark (for stretchy T-shirts) then I didn’t really have a clue!

My knowledge of a ‘Plus size community was non-existent. And I wouldn’t have known a blog (or a blogger) if it had jumped up and bit me on my substantial size 22 bottom.

Then…. I met Elena, and through her several other plus size beauties that literally opened my eyes to a whole new World!

I’d never met Women who were so Body positive and confident about themselves. It was a total revelation to me. Over several meetings with ladies like Leah Shafik (Leah XL) and Kerry Davis, I realised that there is a whole World out there that I was missing out on.

I was one of those ladies who put on an ‘act’ about how bright and confident and happy were are inside, always smiling and laughing….. but deep down inside hating what they saw in the mirror.

Yet, here there were these amazing bright, clever, beautiful, body confident and amazing women. Who happened to be Plus Size!!!

And so I decided, if they could love themselves why couldn’t I?

Slowly but very surely I began my adventure into becoming ‘plus size happy’…


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