The adventure continues…

Well… My first proper blog managed to somehow get nearly 800 visits in a week! 799 in fact…. And I guess this is where the adventure continues!

So, as I was saying, I was the kind of plus size woman who didn’t really like herself very much! When I say that, I don’t mean I hated myself, just that I was quite unhappy with my size. And as for a style, well I didn’t really have one!

Through the clothing swap, I met some lovely people and started learning an awful lot that I never knew! Happy, confident, intelligent, body positive women who didn’t give a stuff about what people thought to their size or style. It made me rethink my whole life!

July 2014 was going to be a big year for me. I was going to be turning 40! Now it was almost like I had an epiphany! I decided that If I was going to hit 40, I’d do it in exactly the way I wanted to!!!

Now, as a child/teen I wasn’t like my friends, I didn’t want to be Madonna or Kylie…. I wanted to be Doris Day! I wanted to look like her, be like her and dress like her. Oh, and I wouldn’t mind being able to sing like her.

Unfortunately, at nearly 40, the mother of 17 year old twins, and a considerable amount of weight heavier, I was never going to look like Doris…….But I could dress like her! Those big full skirted dresses, the patterns and accessories. Well, my mind just went off at full pace!

I decided there and then to try new things, new adventures and new styles! One of the first things I started to do, was join a dance class. A jiving class on a Friday night, and a perfect opportunity to wear those full skirted dresses I’d loved since childhood!

My first purchase was a red and white polka dot dress. Teamed up with net petticoats, hair flowers and pearls, I started my very first foray into a style I’ve come to love!

Since then, my style has evolved and so with it, has my happiness!

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