Dream on…

Well, what a couple of weeks I’ve had. Let’s hope that it starts to get much better, much quicker.

Now, where was I? I think I was just about to go to Download14 (held in June) at Donnington. For a vintage kinda style gal, a heavy rock festival perhaps doesn’t seem like the kind of place I would choose to spend a weekend.

However, appearances can be deceiving, as I am a massive Aerosmith Fan. I’ve wanted to be his love interest since I was about 14. I dreamt of marrying him, and touring the World. Funny how life works out, eh?

red tshirtSo, on a Sunny June morning, I started my next adventure by driving to Donnington. I left my comfort zone completely by donning a pair of tight jeans and a bright red Aerosmith T-shirt. My wonderful daughters had surprised me on Christmas Morning with tickets for the festival. And finally I was going to be seeing my Other idol.

Of course, Aerosmith were not due to be onstage until the end of the day, and so we had to go through quite a lot of other acts. Standing in a huge mass of black clad, tattooed rockers I still managed to stick out a bit with my red t-shirt, knotted scarf and red lippy!

Most surreal moment of the day was lying stark naked, having a massage in a therapy tent whilst guitar gods Richie Sambora and Joe Bonamassa played. Again my theory was… what’s the worst thing that could happen?

Finally I got to see the Rock Legends that were Aerosmith. And all my wildest dreams came true. Front row, right at the barrier, Me, a short fat 40 year old woman screaming herself hoarse over Mr Tyler. And I swear he winked at me.

And with that, another life-long dream came true. On to the next adventure…

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