Role models

Well…. As I previously explained, the prospect of hitting 40 last July, was what made me decide that time was passing me by. Too many years I had spent being frightened of standing out in a crowd and it really was a huge waste of time AND life!

So far, I had been to see Prince and Aerosmith and had been branching out by learning to Jive on Friday nights, and Sign Language on Monday Nights.

My style was continuing to change, with more vintage repro clothing coming into the mix, and my hair was also getting long enough to start styling with rolls and quiffs.

At the beginning of the Summer, I went to my first Plus Size fashion event, Style XL, run by the amazing Leah Shafik from the blog Leah XL. I had never been to anything quite like it before, and everywhere I looked, I saw beautiful plus size ladies, many of whose blogs I had been reading for several months. I was gobsmacked.

The sheer body positivity and love that I felt in the room was a revelation to me. As someone who was still a little unsure about her ‘place’ in this new community/style, I was warmly accepted and embraced by everyone there.

I came home bubbling over with positivity and energy. I wanted to dive further into this new world. I had discovered new blogs to read, companies to try out, fresh opinions and more importantly a sense of belonging!

Here, in this little hall, I had found acceptance and this for me was a game changer. My attitude was forever altered by a band of ladies, both models and sellers alike.

They probably have no idea quite what an effect they had on me that day, I decided that if they too could live their lives with confidence, positivity, and happiness, by doing EXACTLY what they wanted to do, then why couldn’t I?

This turning point really altered the way I saw myself, and how I felt about moving forward.

I was determined that nothing was going to stand in my way, and I would begin to do what made ME happy, even if this involved Doris Day dresses and a victory roll or two.

Self improvement has definitely been the key to my continued confidence. Whether it’s been the dance classes, or the sign language, or even going and having a boudoir photoshoot, I have loved every new experience, and I’ve got a few new experiences still to come…….

This Summer, it will me, out there on that Style XL Catwalk in Birmingham…. Strutting my stuff with some of the most amazing and beautiful Plus Size ladies you will ever see!!

And yes… I am scared witless at the thought of it, But it’s all part of the challenge!

Hopefully Friends and Family will be coming along to support me in this, But that makes it all the more nerve wracking. However, how can I tell my two daughters to ‘reach for the stars and experience all that life has to offer’, If I am too scared to do that too.

I want my children to be the very best they can be. And I want them to proud of their Mum, as someone who didn’t let things hold her back.

It might have been a long time coming….. But I think I’m finally getting there 🙂

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