Right out of MY comfort zone

The adventure really does continue, and in this one I am actually ‘up to date’!

By that I mean, it’s an adventure that I am shortly due to have. But it’s certainly one that takes me right out of my comfort zone!

Tomorrow afternoon, my family and I are leaving for a Once in a lifetime trip to St Lucia, in the Caribbean! This is not something that we regularly do, in fact, we haven’t had a foreign holiday in about 8 years. Times are hard, and luxuries are something we don’t get to have very often, if at all!

This is where it all becomes a little out of my comfort zone – The last foreign trip I had, I was considerably thinner. Probably by about 3 stone. And whilst I am the happiest I have ever been in my entire life, this does have ramifications for travelling.

As we all know, the plane seats are never the biggest/most comfortable seats you have ever sat in, and 8 hours flying is a pretty long time. But it’s a means to an end, and If I had to sit outside on the actual wing in order to get to St Lucia, then I think I would probably do it.

I intensely dislike flying. I am not frightened of it, per se, Just a bad experience as an 11 year old where I perforated an eardrum during a flight, and I vividly remember the pain. Potentially, I have enough books on my kindle, and crosswords, to keep my occupied, but I really am hoping to sleep my way through most of the flight. Wake me up when we come to land?

This leads on to the next issue, Clothing. As mentioned in previous posts, over the past 18 months I have embraced the vintage repro dress style, and it really is the only thing I wear on a daily basis, unless I am at work in my uniform.

I love the style, the freedom and the happiness that dressing this way gives me. BUT it really isn’t appropriate for a paradise Isle, where hopefully the temperatures will be in the 90’s. Full nylon petticoats and heavy cotton material really won’t help me in any way at all.

So, my style will have to adapt whilst away. Loose flowing cotton, muslin and chiffon sundresses abound. All in bright stand out colours. No black for me anymore!

Large ladies sweat, and skin can rub and chafe. Personally I am always cold, regardless of the weather, and I am hoping to actually feel warm during this holiday. However I am not looking forward to that delightful “chub rub” which I tend to only get on my thighs particularly when doing a lot of walking.

As I don’t intend to be walking any massive distances, I am hoping to get away with it, for the most part. However, I was recommended Lanacane anti-chafe gel, last summer from another blogger and having tested this during numerous marathon walks around London in the Summer, I can attest to the fact that it works like a treat here, so I am hoping it has the same effect over there. Time will tell.

As someone who has always worn full coverage swimming costumes, (usually with a little skirt attached) I decided that this year I am not going to give a monkeys and have purchased myself a brightly printed “fatkini”

After all, I am probably only going to get to the Caribbean once in my lifetime, why waste my time worrying about what people think and just wear what I want to? That way, I am making myself happy, and that really is what life is all about.

Why worry what some total strangers may think. You never know, it could be complementary, rather than negative. If I keep that kind of mindset, then I become “invincible”. If I sit there worrying about what people think, or how something looks, then I am only missing out on enjoying myself.

I intend to make the most of this holiday. Mainly by sunning myself, drinking Rum and listening to some amazing Caribbean music….. Maybe even a little dancing. Island tours, Mud baths and water parks all feature on certain days. And I’m going to throw my big bottom down as many waterslides as I can find. All in my Fatkini.

Nothing should stop someone from doing what they want to, and the little matter of being a plus-size woman shouldn’t hold anyone back. I plan on doing exactly that…..

Living life to the fullest and enjoying every sun-filled, tropical day that I can.

And be prepared. I’ve usually been the one wielding the camera on family trips. Mainly so I am not in the pictures. Not this time though, I have nothing to be ashamed of.

Bring on the adventure of a lifetime!

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