Spending spree

As I have said previously, my style has been changing somewhat! And my love for retro fashion has grown and grown. Being Plus-sized, there is very little hope of getting real vintage clothing to fit. However, there are more and more reproduction dresses out there on the market. I tend to get a lot of my clothing from Lady V London, LindyBop and PinUp Girl Clothing, which is an American company.

After just getting back from my holiday, I had a little bit of money left…. And saw a new selection of dresses that I fell in love with. These were on Lady V London and LindyBop.

Luckily, Lady V London was holding a sale, and I had received an email from Lindybop with a discount code. Well, it would have been rude not to order them?

Within 3 days, I had 4 dresses arrived: The Bellatrix from Lady V, and the Fay, Kelly and May from Lindybop. All of the dresses are floral influenced, and were all so amazing, that I decided to keep them all!

So far, I have only worn 2 of them. But the positive response and comments I have had on them, made me realise I had made a good decision to keep them.

My Favourite by far, is the Hibiscus ‘May’ dress, it’s very heavy cotton, with a good deal of stretch, and it gives a really flattering fit! I wore it to a friends hen day/night in London yesterday and it wore so well. No creasing up, and I didn’t get overly hot in it either.

I fully recommend all of these outfits, and I know it won’t be too long before I will be purchasing more.

Here are the second of the dresses I wore this weekend. This is the Lindybop ‘Fay’. A lighter polyester mix dress with a beautiful shoulder detail and an easy light wear with a lot of swing. Perfect for those summer swing dances and tea parties.

Spending spree

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