Dear Old London Town

I LOVE London. I always have and I guess I always will! As a teen, I used to get the bus from Northamptonshire and sit on it for about 3 hours, and go and meet a pen pal (who I am still in touch with 25+ years later) and spend the weekend.

Then adulthood, responsibility and being a parent happened. And so did the loss of my confidence. As I got bigger, the confidence got smaller. On the odd occasion I came to London, it was with my other half, and children on day trips out, or my Mum. I would have NEVER considered coming to London on my own.

Then 2 years ago, the PS community happened to me. These bright, intelligent, independent Women who attack life and do just as they please. And I am now one of Them!

I think nothing of popping on a train to London solo. Navigating across the City and meeting absolute strangers (who I now consider fabulous friends) for meals, shopping and general giggles and silliness.

And two weeks ago, that is exactly what I did. I left home and got myself to Oxford Street, where I met several PS Bloggers, did a bit of shopping and then went off to TGI Fridays in Covent Garden for Lunch.

Cocktails, laughs, great food, amazing service all with some beautiful and funny ladies. Eventually we made our way to Leicester Square where we had a few more alcoholic beverages, before all setting off for home.

I had around 90 minutes to wait until my train left, so I thought I would pop into Searcys Champagne Bar at St Pancras. I went in, sat down, ordered myself a cocktail and sat reading my book. Again, this is something of an achievement for me, as I would never walk into a pub alone in the past. I wouldn’t even be the first one in the doors when with a group of friends. Two cocktails (and £23 later!) and I think I wobbled back onto my train, happy, confident, shopped out and very very tired.

This month, I will actually have been to London 3 weekends out of 4 so far. Hen weekends, Museum exhibitions and shopping have all happened and Curvy Convention is next weekend.

This is something I have never been to before, But I am really looking forward to it. It’s another challenge, I would love it, or hate it. But If I don’t go, I will never know. So my tickets are booked, and off I go.

Going to London isn’t the problem… deciding what to wear is!

Oh and in case you were wondering about those amazing ladies, here are the links to their blogs!

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