Ladies, limos and Lindybop

Last weekend I had the pleasure to go to London again (with 10 other fabulous ladies) This time, in a huge white limo. This was all in aid of one of my close work colleague’s Hen Night.

It has been quite a few years since I have been in a Limo, and obviously the etiquette must have changed! Our Limo driver was the grumpiest man I have met in a really long time. He had a huge list of rules that we had to follow, and wanted to check our bags for contraband… Or in this case Food!

I was, as always, the only one wearing vintage style clothes and hair. This was a new dress from Lindybop – The May Hawaiian Hibiscus dress in Black and Pink. I mentioned this dress on my previous post, and it’s really a beauty of a dress. Heavy cotton with a little stretch, it fits like a dream and is very comfortable to wear. It’s fast becoming my favourite dress, as it is so easy to wear and is suitable for a whole multitude of occasions. It also comes in White and Blue, and I am quite tempted to get it next pay day.

We started the drinking in the Limo on the journey before heading to the ICEBAR, just off Regent Street. I have visited here once before, and really enjoyed it so was quite looking forward to going in a larger group.

After the ICEBAR, we got back into the Limo and headed off to St. Katherines Dock, where there is a Huge underground ‘cellar’ that holds a Medieval Banquet! Wine flowed aplenty, and the medieval entertainment, including juggling, acrobats, Troubadours and at the end a gripping Sword fight made for an awesome evening.

The food was fantastic, Soup and fresh bread, then sliced cold meats, cheese and pate, with Chicken and roast baby potatoes and root vegetables, with a beautiful apple pie with cream or custard for dessert. We really did stuff ourselves silly. All of this was topped up with as many flagons of white or red wine as we could manage…. and boy did we manage a LOT.

Everytime we needed something, all we had to do was shout WENCH at the top of our voices and a beautiful serving lady came and got us whatever we asked. To start with, it was a bit weird, and we were quite reserved in shouting it. However, by the end of the evening we had overcome our reservations and all had quite a sore throat by the next morning.

I can certainly recommend the whole experience. It was something different, and the effort that everyone went to was fantastic. If ever you want to go and do something slightly unusual, give it a try!

We crawled back home after midnight, full, happy and very very tired. Oh… and possibly a little bit drunk.

May hawaiian hibiscus dress from Lindybop

May hawaiian hibiscus dress from Lindybop

And if you fancy the Banquet or the ICEBAR…

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