Styling it out

Last July I went to the first StyleXL held in Leicester, by the amazing Leah Shafik of LeahXL.

This was my very first ever plus size event, and I was somewhat nervous. I attended with a couple of friends, and was totally star struck by all the amazing bloggers that I had been reading for about 6-9 months being there, and the amazing variety of brands, advice and knowledge out there for plus size ladies.

It really was quite an eye opening day for me. Everyone I spoke to was so warm, welcoming and friendly. I loved watching the catwalks, talking to the brands and even bought a sundress from the fabulous MsSVG – which I recently wore in St Lucia.

Sundress from MsSVG

Sundress from MsSVG

I came away with a whole different sense of myself, my attitude and also felt the challenge to become a more confident, positive person and to learn to love my size.

Well, I am glad to say it worked, I am the fattest yet the happiest I have ever been. My confidence level has hit new heights, and I am starting love life more than ever. The compliments I now get from people due to my style, or attitude, or even just because I am smiling has made a huge difference to how I see myself, and also how others see me.

One of the other effect that this has had on me, is that I now try to be kinder, more complimentary and certainly less negative about looks and styles. I now feel it is important to go out of my way and TELL someone if I think they look great, or have a fabulous outfit on, or if there is something particularly striking about them. The look on someone’s face when they get a random compliment makes it all worthwhile, and could really make their day. It feels great to do it, and I know it feels great to receive it too.

That leads to the purpose of this post. This July, in Birmingham is StyleXL 2015. This is now a 2 day event held on the 18th and 19th July and will feature catwalks, brands, workshops and also the final of ModelXL beauty pageant.

Back in October of last year, I entered my pictures into a “competition” to be one of the models at this event. My thought process was, and very much still is “what’s the worst that can happen” and I have to say, it’s an excellent motto to live by.

I was totally honoured and thrilled to be chosen to be one of the amazing ladies to walk upon the catwalk this July. Given that I am too short, too round, too busty and definitely too old, its an amazing opportunity to be able to take part in something like this! Variety clearly is the spice of life, and StyleXL will have a lot of that.

I am really looking forward to hearing what company I will be wearing on the day. Given that my usual “uniform” is either literally work uniform, or vintage swing dresses, it will be lovely to be put into something different and who knows, it could open a whole new look for me?

I am also really excited about the workshops on the Sunday. Body positivity and Blogging are a couple that I really think I could get a lot out of, and maybe even get me understanding myself, and the community I find myself a part of.

I know quite a lot of the blogging community will be attending and my family and friends will be there cheering me on, Where will you be on the 18-19th July??


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