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For those of you who know me personally, you will have heard me moan constantly about my breasts.

Size, weight, shape, bra discomfort, wrong sizing, incorrect fitting, being unable to find bras big enough. I’ve moaned about it all. But finally I think that is all about to change!

For over 30 years, I have struggled with them. In fact, I can’t remember a time BB (Before Boobs) as they have always seemed to ‘be there’. By the time I hit 12, I was wearing DD cups, which back then was unheard of, but quite the norm nowadays.

As I got older, they got bigger, except, funnily enough they never changed when I was pregnant with my twin daughters. Which, to be fair was a bloody good job as I couldn’t get a maternity bra to fit me at all!

Having 38N cup breasts really is a pain in the… BACK!

Now, as the years have passed, people have become bigger, more companies are releasing bigger and better cup sizes, in different patterns and fabrics. Yet still I, and many others suffer.

18 months ago, I had a little bit of Christmas money, and a family who wanted to help, so decided to bite the bullet and go to a very posh Bra makers in London (you know the one I mean) for a made to measure bra.

It was quite a lovely experience, with appointments made for initial measurements, fittings and final alterations, but it did make it a little laborious, what with having to get a train to London every time. However the end result was that I came out with 2 bras made especially for me.

Now, I was pretty impressed with what they had come up with. But even they explained that they couldn’t make a bra big enough that it would be a perfect fit.

Whilst the bra was beautifully made, with hand stitched velvet lined wire sections, and pretty lace options, the centre Busk did not sit flat against my chest bone as it is meant to do. The corsetier explained that if they added anymore material into the cup, the weight of my breasts would just make the bra flop/bend over. But it was still a better option than any other bra I had every owned.

So, I took my two lovely bras, paid £600 pounds for the priviledge and armed with the knowledge that I had to take EXTREMELY good care of them, started wearing them. They had told me that they would have a lifespan of 9 – 12 months if I was particularly gentle with them.

18 months later and I am still (just) about still wearing them, although one wire has snapped this past weekend! And here lies my problem. I cannot afford £300 a bra, even if they are the best I have ever tried, and I obviously desperately need some new ones.

This is where the Bra Guru and Goddess herself enters into the story. Caroline (a.k.a. Curvy Wordy) is a fellow blogger, who I had the great pleasure of meeting at the recent Curvy Convention, although we had chatted on social media before.

Whilst shopping after Curvy Con, and talking about boobs and bras (as you do). She was pretty disgusted with the fit of the bra that had been made for me. She went on to ask me if I had ever tried a Ewa Michalak bra. Now, I had heard of the company but was too frightened to try and work out via their measuring system, what size bra to order.

Caroline went on to tell me that it actually wasn’t that hard, and she could measure me there. Well I would have been a fool to not let her do it, so she whipped out her tape measure and got me topless! 5 minutes later, and she had given me all the necessary measurements in order to go on the Ewa Michalak website and try and get something more suitable, that fit me properly.

If you have never heard of Ewa Michalak, they are a lovely company based in Poland. This means that they have a different sizing system to the UK. However, all you need to do is put your measurements into their calculator, and it tells you exactly what size to order! Simple as that.

Now, for me, the calculator said I needed a 95LL. Which was not for sale on their site. I queried this with the Bra Guru and she advised me to drop them a quick email asking for their help. I duly did this, and started to an email thread with a lovely helpful lady called Kaska, who went on to tell that they were just finishing the testing for a bra new “Fuller Bust” Bra that would be released at the beginning of June.

She offered to send me two sizes to try, with the option of sending them back and exchanging if there were any issues. I immediately agreed and 4 days later to wonderful bras appeared on my doorstep. Floral, pretty, lacy bras that looked big enough to use as a garden hammock. BUT were they going to be big enough to fit… To be Continued!


If you fancy having a little look on their website:

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