The fabulous 40s

Saturday 13th June found me donning my pearls, hair snood and cats eyes glasses and getting myself down to AJ’s Diner in Wellingborough for a 40’s night. Now, AJ’s is somewhere I go on a regular basis, as they have a jive night/class every Friday evening and a Live band night on the first Saturday of every month. Usually, these are 50’s style rock and roll nights, and are really well attended.

AJ’s is a family run diner, done is a 50’s style and serves some great burgers, fries and shakes. Their band nights are great events, with lovely people and fantastic music. It really is a friendly family atmosphere, and all ages and levels of dancing are accepted and catered for!

Now this particular Saturday was slightly different, as it was going to be a 40’s night, with music provided by Sonny and the Honeydippers. An 8 piece 40s and 50s Swing band. I can honestly say, the song choices are amazing, there is something for everyone, fast and slow, all played with amazing style by the group. They really are masters of their art, and the horn playing is sublime!

A couple of good friends of mine, Penny and Gayle and I donned our finest, and arranged to meet Emma, one of the ladies who runs the 40s and 50s marvellous meetup group on Facebook. When we arrived, there were GI’s, Airmen, Sailors, Spivs and beautiful tea-dresses, victory rolls and seamed stockings galore. Everyone had made such an effort and it was an amazing atmosphere.

There were Jivers, Lindyboppers and Strollers in full force. Now, being of a larger persuasion, I love a good stroll! It’s more my tempo, however if a good old Jive comes on, at a more sedate pace then I’m in there too!

Last night was a eye opener to me too. Gayle, who is a little dancing dynamo knew many other dances that I had never tried before. She took me through a “barn dance” which was nothing like any barn dance I had ever been to before, with waltzing circles and strolling sections, and even taught me a slightly tipsy version of the “breakaway blues” I have to say, I was in my absolute element!

To say I had a great time, is an understatement. It is my hope that AJ’s run some more themed nights that involved live groups as you certainly can’t beat listening to live music! I’d like to extend my thanks to everyone that organised the night, and made it all possible, including John Dorman and The owners of the diner itself for taking a chance and holding these nights.

I woke up this morning with a smile on my face from such a great night, but my knees didn’t feel quite so happy, nor did my feet! Oh well, it certainly was worth every second.

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