Pinup perfection!

As I mentioned on a previous post, last Saturday was Pinup Picnic in the Park. And what an amazing day it really was!

I got up early and appeared at local hairdresser at 0640 to have my hair tamed by the lovely Cleo. Then my friend Vicky and I got ourselves on an early train (0830) and trundled up to St Pancras in our best dresses, with full picnic bags, garden chairs and parasols.

blogger-image--1523073948On arrival in London, we made our way to Marble Arch, where the group of pinup pals were supposed to be meeting. That in itself was quite a novelty as we were asked repeatedly where we were going, and what we were doing. Photos were taken by absolute strangers, and we felt like proper celebrities!

The sun was out, the sky was blue, there wasn’t a cloud, to spoil the view etc etc and we really couldn’t have chosen a better day.

Meeting in Marble Arch was amazing. Standing in the middle of the square, the looks from passersby, the amount of photos we were asked to have, and people simply enquiring what was going on, was fantastic. We really did create quite a stir.


And you should have seen it when a couple of hundred vintage clad ladies proceeded to sashay along to Hyde Park. It was a brightly coloured bevy of beauties making their way to the picnic rendezvous, stopping people and traffic as we went.

The rest of the afternoon was spent eating, drinking bubbly and pimms, and chatting with new (and old) friends. Several people who I had been following for some time in Instagram were there, and it was lovely to finally meet up with them, as well as bloggers who I have come to know and love, all turned out to sit in the sun on a beautiful day.


The lovely Mayah, Caroline and Hayley – fabulous blogger family!

The vast array of beautiful clothing, vintage and reproduction, was astounding, and I experienced proper envy over some hats and handbags, as well as dresses that I never could have fitted into!

We did our best to sit in the midday sun and drink enough Pimms to sink a battleship, but eventually it all got a bit too much and we decamped to a shady tree filled area to save the porcelain skin from burning.


Best dressed pinup went to the gorgeous and glamourous Danielle who looked beautiful!

I think there should have been a separate award for Linz Goodbun and her beautiful little girl Layla Rae….. for best dressed vintage baby!


What an absolute sweetheart, and so well behaved. We all oohed and aaahed over her for quite a while

The best part of this event is that, through the organisation of The British Belles, We managed to raise over £1000 for Macmillan Cancer Care, all by coming together to eat drink and be merry in a vintage fashion.

Hopefully this will be repeated next year, so make a note in your diary for June, and come and have a jolly old time with the some of the most beautiful vintage girls you’ve ever seen!

Oh… and what did we wear?

I wore the stunning Turquoise and Hot Pink “Sea Siren” dress from Pin Up Girl Clothing (now out of stock), a hot pink petticoat from Lindybop and accessorised with a parasol from eBay, and flipflops from Yours Clothing (last season).

Vicky wore the Sweet Red lips Hepburn dress by Lady Voluptuous for Lady V London and teamed it with red ballet flats.

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