Breast laid plans

On my previous post, I told you all about finding a new bra company that caters for both the small, normal and well endowed woman! Ewa Michalak is a Polish company, that makes a wide selection of bras, and beautiful underwear and has some of the biggest sizes around.

I was told all about them by a fellow blogger called Curvy Wordy, or Caroline to her friends, who managed to measure me up, tell me how/what to order and then left me to run riot on the Ewa website.

So, I placed my first order for 2 bras, both the same style, but in two different sizes, to see how they fitted. I was told by the wonderfully helpful Kaśka, that these were a new style of fuller breast bra, and were not on general sale yet. This was as they had just finished the final design and testing of them. She did offer to send me the sizes out, and I sat back to wait.

One of the things that worried me initially about ordering from a company abroad was the cost of the items, how long it would take to arrive, if I would get hit by customs charges etc.

Kaśka initially quoted me (with post and a levy charged by Paypal) 684Zloty. Well… not knowing how the exchange rate looked at that point, I was a bit worried. When I translated it though, it worked out at approximately £50 a bra plus post/levy.

Now for some of you, that might seem like a massive price for a bra. However, on my previous post, I told you how I had 2 bras made to measure at the cost of £305 each! So, for me, £50 is a small price to pay. Especially if they actually fit me!

I didn’t have long to wait at all! They were here within 4 days, and were beautiful. Black lace, Flowered cups, made from a thick, almost scuba like material. I was in love! Best of all, there was a lot of material in the area where I was originally told couldn’t be done, due to it causing problems with a lack of support and the cups would just ‘fold’ over.

The first one I tried, a 95KK, the cup was clearly too small, as I almost had the dreaded ‘quadboob’, but the second one, a 95L was almost perfect… ALMOST.

I contacted Caroline for a bit of advice and ended up video calling her to have a proper look. She told me it was the first facebook videocall she had ever had, and I told her she was lucky to have a half naked woman calling her up online! After all, most people expect to pay for that kind of thing 🙂

She took one look at the bra (which I was pretty pleased with) and immediately told me to send it back! Well… I was gobsmacked. Here was a bra, which in all fairness, still wasn’t perfect, but was so very near to it, I could have cried!

Ewa Michalak bra

Caroline went on to explain that the centre gore still was a couple of inches away from my chest bone, and that the back size was too big. This was based upon the fact that I was wearing it on the tightest set of hooks and it still was a bit gappy.

Ewa Michalak bra

She advised me to email them back, asking to return the bras and to try a back size smaller (90) and a cup size or even two sizes bigger (LL and M)

I contacted Ewa back, and was helped again by the amazing Kaśka, who told me to post them back and they would swap them for the other sizes.

I duly sent them back, and waited to get an email telling me the new ones were ready to dispatch. I have of course had to pay a second lot of post, but this amounted to around £5, so isn’t going to break the bank.

As I write this now, I am waiting for the new bras. Again I assume it will only be a few days, But I really can’t wait. This time, they really could be ABSOLUTELY PERFECT!

Oh and whilst you are at it, go and check out the amazing bra goddess herself: and if you fancy trying the bras:

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