I have StyleXL

The day is finally here! I am actually writing this whilst on the train to Birmingham, where this weekend you will finds hordes of us plus size babes, descending on the Paragon Hotel for StyleXL 2015.

StyleXL is organised by the amazing Leah Shafik (supported by her fabulous partner and family) and is a two day plus size extravaganza with catwalks, brands and workshops. I did a previous post on the event a couple of months ago, and now the day is actually here!

I entered a competition to be one of the ladies walking the catwalk, and last October found out that I had got through. And now, reality is starting to hit me!

I, a 5ft3/4 inch 41 year old mother of two, will be strutting my plus size lumpy bumpy body down a catwalk, for no less than THREE companies! I can now reveal that I will be walking for Topsy Curvy Clothing, Apples and Pears Clothing and Lady Voluptuous. How lucky am I?

There will be 250+ people attending the event and funds are being raised for Mind, the mental health charity. This is a cause close to many of us, and a very worthy charity.

I have a mahoosive suitcase, filled with enough dresses to last me a fortnight, and 9 pairs of shoes. I am in fact, only there until Sunday afternoon! It took me an hour to decide what to travel in, and I ended up in my favourite Lindybop dress, Pink Petticoat and lots of hibiscus flowers in my hair.


I am lucky to say that I will have my Children, mum, mum in law and husband there to cheer me on, and a massive band of blogger lovelies, that are either there taking part, or watching the proceedings.

Am I nervous? Hell Yes! And I know tomorrow will only be even more scary, however I really need the challenge, and I’m sure that I will absolutely love it.

This year I have tried to do things that have taken me out of my comfort zone, challenged me, made me panic a little, and so far everything I have attempted has turned out fantastically well. I have no reason to doubt that this will be the same kind of experience.

Unless I do a Naomi Campbell and fall flat on my ass…


Oh and for those of you who want to see that possibility, the catwalks are being livescreened through an App called Periscope. Why not look StyleXL up, give them a follow and watch a fabulous bunch of ladies strut their stuff on the catwalk tomorrow!

I will be walking at 1235, 1313 and 1450 for anyone interested, but the event starts at 1215 through till around 1630. Why not come and have a look at what we are up to?

As well as the three companies I am walking for, there are some other amazing companies walking, including Yours, Simply Be, Scarlett and Jo, Chubby Cartwheels, Monroe Knows, Claireabellas Closet and A Rose Like This.

Oh and for you fabulous PS Fellows, there’s a couple of guys who will be walking for Jacamo, truly something for everyone!

Anyway, this girl is planning to have a SMALL medicinal vodka tonight to calm the nerves, wish me luck, I might just need it!

Here’s what I’ll be wearing:

And here is who I’ll be walking for:

To watch us through live streaming, visit Periscope.

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