Making the breast of it!

On my previous post, I told you all about the trials and tribulations I have had with getting bras to fit. At the age of 41, you would thing that I would have far more to worry about than a simple piece of underwear.

However, when getting a simple piece of underwear to fit, without either crippling your back, neck shoulders… OR your mortgage, is nigh on impossible, it becomes almost a mission trying to attain it.

I am the first to admit I hate shopping for bras. When you know before even trying anything on, that the chances of getting something (or anything) to fit are pretty slim to non-existent, then you go with a negative approach already.

In the past I have been fitted with the best fitting bra possible (which never actually fitted properly) but I made the best of the situation.

This is me in a Bravissimo recommended Panache bra, that at the time was the biggest you could get on the market, at an L Cup. There didn’t seem to be very much choice for me at the time, as it meant either “folding” my breasts into a much smaller bra, and suffering discomfort, or putting up with a bra that didn’t give me very much support. Well, it was a no brainer really. As you can see, the Centre Gore is so far out, and the straps really aren’t giving me much support.


The next picture shows the made to measure bra from that posh London Shop. As you can see, the fit is much better, and certainly the support was, without a doubt 1000 times better. The hand finishing made it a really luxurious bra, with velvet lined wire covers and handmade lace, but of course with a price tag to match. I was advised that the bra would last around 9 months. However, with careful handwashing and looking after them, I actually got 18 months out of them.

During the course of this bra quest,I have unfortunately had both bras snap on the left hand wire. This is problematic, as I currently don’t have a safe bra to wear!


And now we come to the latest in a long line of bras. This one, a new range from a wonderful Polish Company called Ewa Michalak. This is their new design the FB and comes in just a few patterns at the moment, although I am told there are more in the pipeline.


The bras themselves are made of a thicker than normal material, which gives support and a fabulous fit. The cup is made of several panels which gives extra space for the breast tissue, and means there is more likelihood of the central gore fitting flat to the breastbone. This is something that I have NEVER had happen with a bra in my life, so the design, to me feels a little revolutionary.


When I had my made to measure bras fitted, I was informed that it was impossible to add more material to the cups, as there wouldn’t be any support and my breasts would just spill over the wires. I had no reason to doubt this, and quite possibly at the time, this was the case. However, with Ewa’s new design, and through rigorous testing, this has become a reality.

I have to say, the fit feels great. The band is just snug enough to give a tight fit, without digging in, or moving about. There are 3 hooks to each set, and three sets along the band, which means a good deal of scope, for tightening once the elastic relaxes a little (which it will do over time)

The straps are about an inch wide, and have metal sliders and rings, which is perfect for the heavier bust. The sliders are quite stiff to begin with, which means there is no likelihood of them sliding on their own, allowing the straps to lengthen.


The material, as I have said is a thick scuba material, and this design is covered in bright floral patterns. They really are eye catching, and feel very feminine. I have never been one to worry about the look of my bra, as I have just been grateful to get something that vaguely fits. But now, after seeing this bra, I want all my bras to be pretty and girlie.

This style of bra also comes in a leopard print with red ribbons and trim.


I have also been advised that they are currently in production with a plain nude bra. This will be perfect for my white work shirts, where currently I have to wear a vest top to hide the vibrant patterns of these lovely bras. Seems a shame really!

The third bra that I received is a bright red leopard print, with black trim. There are little Pom poms on the straps, and ribbons down the length of the straps. Really pretty and feminine! I can’t currently find this for sale on the website, so I am unsure if it is a new colour they are trialling.


Ewa also does matching knickers to go with these new bras, and will hopefully be making in them in some larger sizes, however they do go up to a size 20 at the moment. I feel pretty blessed that I have finally found a bra that fits, let alone the prospect of getting a matching set!

All my Christmas and Birthdays have come at once.

The Centre Gore is still a slight little way out from my chest bone. I am reliably informed by Ewa that this will be the case due to the sheer size of bra that I need. I am just astounded that it was anywhere near. These Bras are comfortable, stylish, supportive and I’ve never had anything fit quite as well as they do.


In conclusion, all I can say is this bra is exactly what I have been searching for…. and I can finally end my Quest for that elusive bra that fits.

Thank you Ewa for solving something that has plagued me for 30 years, and for those of you umming and aahing about giving Ewa a try, I say GO FOR IT. They are so very helpful, and will answer your tiniest of queries, and the bras are sublime.

Oh and finally, an Instagram friend sent me this illustration after reading my first post in the quest for a bra that fit… Check him out: Sir Dynamo.


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