The Kat’s Whiskers

This is a strange kind of post for me, as usually I am moaning about my boobs, or going off and having a jolly, or meeting up with other lovely bloggers and telling you all about it.

Today though, I am going to tell you about one of the nicest ladies I have had the privilege to meet…. Kat Henry.

blogger-image--621357170I first met Kat at Curvy Convention 2015 when she greeted me like an old long lost friend. I had some small interaction through Facebook’s Plus Size Bloggers page, but had never really spoken to her. Well, let me tell you, THAT was about to change!

She took me under her wing that day, invited me to a special “Simply Be” VIP event, where I got to hang around with lots of other lovely bloggers that I vaguely knew. And in one fell swoop, I was accepted into the Gang.


Being a Newbie blogger, and meeting some of the people whose blogs have changed MY life, was quite daunting and also a bit fangirl like. Kat made me a part of the most wonderful group, who have come to be like Family to me!

I had the most amazing time that day, and from it came to reap rewards such as Bra Measurements with the fabulous Caroline CurvyWordy, Pin Up Girl orders with Becky Boo Brown and StyleXL with A whole host of #teamcurvee ladies, and the Woman herself, Kat.


So… What is the purpose of this little post?

Well, Kat is a Blogger, a Plus Size Model, Ms Surrey Curve 2015, An Advocate and an all-round wonderful lady. She is also a contestant in this years Final of Miss British Beauty Curve 2015, which is taking place in Surrey on August 8th.


All of the amazing ladies that have made it to the final deserve to win. For going out there and standing up for the Curvy Lady. Each and every one of them is beautiful.

But Kat, for me, is the standout Winner. She is beautiful both inside and out. She has the biggest heart, that can reach out to a total stranger, and include them in her family. She works hard to live her life to the fullest, shining and smiling wherever she goes. She is in her element preaching body positivity. And you know what? It works.

If I need advice, she has the right answers. If I am stuck with something, she comes up with a solution. If I want to rant and vent about something, then I know she would listen.

And this is why I think Miss British Beauty Curve 2015 needs Kat as their winner. She will do them proud and represent them with grace, dignity and total positivity. And that for me is what I want from a winner.

Someone who stands up for me, my size, my rights and my choices.
Someone who lives life to the fullest.
Someone who loves herself and her friends for who they are, not what they look like.
Someone who makes ME proud to be me, and strives to be like her.

Do the right thing. CHOOSE KAT!


Whilst I am unable to be there to support her, I will be following Social Media avidly to find out the results. I hope its the result that I want it to be.

And to Kat……Go out there with your smile shining brightly and your beauty coming from inside and out.

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