Hats off!

In less than two weeks I am going away on a girlie ‘holiday’. Something I have never done before. My friends Helen, Jan, and I will be cramming ourselves into my little mini and driving (probably each other mad) 5+ hours up to Gretna Green.


As you may have guessed, we are going to a wedding! The most wonderful nuptials of our lovely friend and work colleagues, Zoe and Iain.

Now, no Wedding is complete without the perfect Hat. I LOVE hats, all types of hats. Big straw hats, Felt Cloches, Winter Furs, Delicate Fascinators, I love them all.

If I had my way, I would wear a hat EVERY day. If I could convince my boss (Sara-Louise that means you!) to let me wear one as part of my uniform, I’d be over the moon. I can clearly remember wearing a navy blue girl guide hat as a young girl, and wishing I could wear it every day!

I’d like a little black pillbox affair, a bit like this vintage red Kangol hat with attached Snood (yes I am aware I look a bit like an air hostess for Qatar Air) I’d wear it every day, with pride.

I have always loved hats, but in this day and age, it is rare to see a woman walking down the street in a pretty hat.

Back in the day, you were never fully dressed unless you had some sort of headwear on. And to be honest, I would love to have lived in that era, as I do feel that people look at me a bit strangely when I venture out with a hat on.


Saying that, I don’t actually own as many hats as I would like to. I currently only have around 8, and most of them are winter weather hats. But it’s definitely something I need to rectify.

When I put on a hat, I feel fully dressed, finished and ready to face the world. So…. The search for a vintage style Wedding hat began.


It didn’t take too long to find someone who could help me with this undertaking. As part of a vintage group on Facebook, I found the marvellous Kay Broughton at Retrobelle A Milliner who makes her own bespoke creations, I decided to let her just do her “thing” and make something vintagey and fabulous for me.

I had my outfit chosen for the Wedding, which consists of the beautiful Pele dress and Bolero from Pin Up Girl Clothing. In order to get something perfect, I posted up the bolero jacket to her, and let her work her magic.

I waited with baited breath, until finally she told me she had pictures for me to see. Now, I have to be honest, when I saw the pictures I was a little dubious that the hat would work on me once I put it on.

However, Kay was fabulous, telling me all about the item, and that it was so much more beautiful in real life.
I couldn’t wait to see it, try it on and get the whole feel for the outfit. So, she sent it on down to me and waited for my response.

Well, what could I say? Once I opened the box (taking out more bubblewrap than I’ve seen in my life) I was stunned by the colours and design of the hat.

The design is based on a bright pink small pillbox, with an attached veil and then strategically placed handmade flowers have been put on the front, and a few at the back to give a great look from either angle.

This particular hat is a bespoke one off creation, which means I never have to worry about someone turning up in the same design as mine, a bonus in my opinion!

I obviously had to go and try my whole outfit on, to see the full effect. Well, when I did that I was just blown away. It was more than I had hoped and dreamt of, and I couldn’t believe I had been a bit of a nervous nelly when she was telling me all about it.

Thankfully Kay was really pleased that I was in love with her creation, and I am sure it won’t be the last one I order from her. Liaising with her over the design was a real pleasure, and I know that I only have to mention the words…. I need a new hat…. And Kay will be able to come up with an amazing new creation for me.

So, here, before the wedding itself, is a sneak preview of the outfit. I hope Scotland is ready for some vintage petticoat lady to come and invade her borders!


In the meantime, why not go and give Kay a look up, she really does have some amazing designs and One off pieces.

*UPDATE* Kay has made the most beautiful simple flower for me to wear in the evening


  • Pele Dress by Pinup Girl Clothing
  • Bespoke hat by Kay at Retrobelle
  • Raspberry Petticoat by Lindybop
  • Debut Kitten Heels by Debenhams

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