Feline fine

As part of the “Pin Up Picnic in the Park”, the wonderful British Belles ran a raffle to raise money for Macmillan Cancer Care. I of course, supported the fundraising by making a donation in my Fathers name.

To my surprise, I was lucky enough to win TWO dresses! Well, of course, that was right up my street. One from Lindybop and one from Voodoo Vixen.

Lindybop had very kindly donated an Audrey Dress of the winners choice, which meant there was a huge amount of patterns to choose from.

Now, most of you are well aware of my love for Lindybop dresses. I have Daria’s, Vivi’s, Grace, Fay, Kelly, May and many more, but I had never tried an Audrey before. Now given that there are so many patterns in this dress, I would guess that it one of their most popular sellers.

I guess I hadn’t ventured into the realm of this classic Audrey Hepburn style for the simple reason that I wasn’t sure it would be able to accommodate my ample chest, and possibly make me look a little square.

How wrong could I be?

This dress is suitable for pretty much every occasion – A night out, A wedding, Lunch with the ladies, even a day at the Races when styled with the perfect accessories.

However, I would equally feel perfectly at home wearing this out to do the shopping at the supermarket, or popping to hairdressers.

I was astounded at the choice of patterns and colours I could choose from – There are over SIXTY+ choices ranging from size 8 to 26, and you can now even get matching outfits for your little girls, with a choice of 20 dresses. How fabulous would that look?

Anyway, I spent a considerable amount of time narrowing down my choices until I got it to 5. Then it was a process of elimination, deciding against patterns that were similar to other dresses I owned, until I finally chose the “Retro Black Cat” print.

This is a really unusual pattern for Lindybop, and features a dark blue satin material covered in black vintage looking cats. For those of you old enough, it reminded me of Mog (without the stripes) from the Meg and Mog books!

I thought it was so unusual and certainly like nothing else I owned. So that was my choice.

I couldn’t wait for it to arrive and try it on, and it turned out to be absolutely perfect!

The dress was made of a lovely silky satin material with a little stretch in it, and features a very dark blue/black belt to compliment it. As I said, I was a little dubious to how it was going to look on me, but I absolutely love how it fits and feels.


The subtle and classic styling of the dress make it an absolute delight to wear. It fits like a dream on me, and nips in my waist perfectly.

I found that the armhole region was a little gappy on me, probably due to the sheer size of my chest. However this can be easily rectified with a couple of darts being put in.

I’m really glad I got to try the Audrey dress, as It now opens up another whole range of dresses I can choose from, and I will certainly be getting more of them!

Due to the hard work of the British Belles, and the kind donations from the sponsors and raffle tickets buyers, Macmillan Cancer Care ended up with a £1000 donation from the picnic.

It just goes to show what can be achieved when a group of strangers come together with a common purpose, AND have an amazing time in the process.

I intend to wear my Audrey with cat eye flicks, Cats eye glasses and a pair of kitten heels. After all, Feline’ Fine should go from head to toe!

For the whole range: Audrey Dresses

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