Fabulous fatties do a fortieth

On Sunday 2nd August I went to visit my friend Mookie for her 40th Birthday. Held in a lovely Small village type pub, all of her friends and family descended on her to share her wonderful day.

This was made all the more special by the fact that her daughter Liv-Annie had travelled over from Norway, to celebrate her 18th birthday! There’s nothing like a double celebration to start your Sunday off right!


On arrival, after sweating most of my makeup off, and ditching the big pouffy petticoat in the car, for fear of melting into a puddle, I immediately caught up with fellow bloggers Becky and Leah.

I have come to know Becky really well, but hadn’t spent much time with Leah before, as it’s usually been a fleeting thing, but knew the day was going to be a great one! A lovely lady called Lisa and her mum also were there, and again was someone I hadn’t spent much time with before, but wanted to!


The lovely Leah looking like she is going to mug Becky for the last mozzarella dipper!

Being the “PUG” Queen, I opted to turn up in my Pin Up Girl Ella Dress. I have mentioned this on a previous post, and it is possibly the most unusual and Full skirted dress I own. With its slightly zany Alice Characters, in bright 60s colours on the prettiest of black dresses, it really is a stand out item.


Mookie looked a vision in her black and red Lady V London Isabella dress, and there was certainly a lot of “vintage-ish” style wonders at this party. Becky and Leah both in Scarlett and Jo dresses, Leah in a fabulous black floral one, and Becky in Cream.



We spent the afternoon in the pub garden under a gazebo, drinking Pimms and catching up on all the gossip. It was lovely to see everyone, and it was such a relaxing occasion that we all lost track of time a little.

As it was Mookie’s 40th, I wanted to do something particularly special, so I popped onto Campus Gifts and got this lovely The Bright Side Memory Book. I then went onto her (and my Facebook page) and ‘stole’ lots of her lovely pictures and then stuck them inside. The memory book comes with sheets of stickers with both lovely and amusing messages on them to add to the book itself.


I left a lot of pages for Mookie to complete with future adventures during her 40th year, which hopefully she will have lots of!

I also got a lovely glass picture frame which I put a picture of Mookie and her beautiful daughter in, for Liv-Annie. I knew that going back to Norway, she couldn’t take lots of heavy items with her, but wanted something to commemorate her 18th birthday here in the UK.

I was totally stunned when Liv-Annie started to cry once she had opened it. This in turn made ME cry, as I am such a soppy sod, I can’t help it. I was really pleased that she liked her gift, and it is lovely knowing that she has something to take back to the new place she has only just moved into!


The whole day was a delight, and then I had a short drive to my Country Manor hotel, where I happily ripped my bra off, sat drinking sparkling wine in my knickers, whilst eating Raffaello, and watching rubbish TV!

A perfect end to a perfect day!

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