Specs appeal

As previously mentioned, I was lucky enough to win two dresses in the ‘Pin Up Picnic in the Park’ raffle, raising money for Macmillan Cancer Care.

The second of these prizes was a dress of my choice by Voodoo Vixen, an amazing UK based company who make vintage style dresses in the most amazing of prints and materials.

They have a plus size range, which goes up to a 4XL, so I was able to choose from quite a few dresses.

Now, throughout my style change over the past several months, I had yet to try a Voodoo Vixen dress. This wasn’t a deliberate error, I just hadn’t got around to getting hold of one.

IMG_0501I had attended the ‘Curvy Convention’ and oohed and aaahed over a few of the dresses, especially the beautiful “Katniss” as modelled by the stunning Jodie Marie Davey, but unfortunately they didn’t have the ones I liked in my size, on the day.

So, what did I decide on? Well, how could I resist the beautiful Red “Connie” dress with its fabulous cat’s eye glasses print! A totally retro print if ever I saw one.

The bodice features a lovely cross over front section, and has a semi full skirt. One of the best things I like about this dress is the fact that it has pockets! This is always a bonus when wearing a dress, as I don’t always want to take a handbag out with me.

I ordered the dress in a 4XL which is the equivalent of a 24/26. So… how does it fit?

I am happy to report, like an absolute dream! I have worn it a couple of times, and it is really comfortable to wear. The material is soft, yet thick and feels amazing to the skin. The print really “pops” out, it really is striking.

I have to admit however, that I was totally unsure of the look on me. For someone who wears vintage style clothing every day, I was a bit indecisive as to whether I liked the look. However, by the end of the first day wearing it, I had totally changed my mind. I was so comfortable, but yet still feeling stylish. I didn’t get all hot and bothered in it, like I do with some tighter fitting dresses, and it stayed as crisp as when I had ironed it. Barely any creases in it at all.

I honestly believe that now I have gotten over my initial apprehension, that this will become one of my favourite “go to” dresses. You know, the kind you always go to, when you can’t decide quite what to wear?

I had the perfect pair of little red and black heels to wear with it, and once I put my cat’s eye glasses on, I was all ready to go to… Sainsbury’s 🙂

The quality of the design, cut and print really make this dress worth every penny, and I know I will be buying more Voodoo Vixen in the future.

This dress also is available with a cardigan, to complement it – The Edna, which again really sticks out, and may well become my very next purchase.

Whilst the skirt isn’t as full as some of my dresses, it stands out a lot once a petticoat is put on underneath it, and then it looks great.

Worn with my black cat’s eye glasses, red accessories and a big black petticoat, I am sure to get lots of comments when I wear it to my next Jive class.


If you are looking for a dress that has a lot of “Specs Appeal” you can get yours here…..

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