You take the High Road…

As you know, I do love a good adventure and Last week my two friends and I crammed ourselves into my little Mini and set off for Gretna Green for our friends’ wedding. Exciting eh?

Now, I’ve never driven that far before, and was looking forward to the adventure. I have to say however it was the most beautiful, peaceful and scenic journey I think I’ve ever taken!


My lovely friends Helen and Jan took lots of useless pictures out of the car window, missing almost every beautiful scene, road sign and point of interest around us, but getting lots of the roof, glovebox and blurred views, which caused much hilarity and made the journey an unforgettable one.


Driving along with the Pennines all around us, the sun shining and the sunroof open was wonderful! It took us about 4 1/2 hours to get to Gretna Green, and the lovely “Smiths at Gretna Green” Hotel. Which I was so glad to get to!


An hour later, bags unpacked, freshened up, and a change of outfit and we were all ready to hit the restaurant and bar. We met up with the bridal party and friends, and had a beautiful meal, one or two (ok, make that several) alcoholic beverages and it was then time for bed.


I have to admit,the room we had was lovely! My favourite part was the bed I had, it was humongous! Easily the size of a football pitch, I was so looking forward to starfishing across the width of the bed, using every inch, and every pillow provided. It certainly didn’t disappoint.


The morning of the wedding came and you can’t beat a full cooked breakfast – so of course we heartily tucked in! Sausage, Bacon, eggs, even haggis and smoked haddock was available… Well it would have been rude not to?!?!


The wedding was held in the old Smithy, and was a truly romantic affair. The bride looked like a princess, the men were all so dashing, and there were a few tears to be had. The sun shone all day, and this made for some beautiful pictures and memories.


We returned to the Hotel for the reception, where we ate, drank and danced our day away, listening to a fabulous singer, and a band in the evening. It really was the most amazing day.


As previously mentioned, I planned to wear my Pin Up Girl Clothing Pele dress and matching bolero, with the most amazing bespoke hat by the wonderful Kay Broughton at Retrobelle.


I absolutely loved the outfit when put together and felt so confident in it. It really was a stand out dress, and so very comfortable to wear too! I had a change mid evening, into another wonderful Pin up Girl Clothing creation – The Tiki Dress.


This is another Pin Up Girl dress that comes with its own matching Bolero. I really like having the options, as it can make the dress look very different when choosing whether to wear or not. It is also good for those evenings when you need something to be a little dressier.


By the end of the evening, my feet were aching, and my eyes were heavy, so we took ourselves up to bed, where a medicinal Vodka may have been imbibed, before heading off to sleep.


The weather was divine, the company was brilliant, and the whole experience was out of this world. The only downside was the drive home, in the constant rain, and with delays took over 7 hours. It wasn’t quite the joyride that we had on the way up.


I really loved catching up with all my colleagues, especially the ones who have moved onto new pastures, We just need to have this kind of event more often…..

Want to get married, anyone???

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