ASOS amazing!!

Normally on a Thursday, you would find me busy beavering away at work, but not on the 27th of August… I went off on another adventure. To London (again) and WHAT an adventure it was.

I travelled up on the Wednesday night to Euston and had booked myself into the empty halls at LSE for the bargain price of £45 and met up with the lovely Kat Henry for a spot of dinner. I can tell you, wearing a full size beauty pageant crown in Euston’s Ed’s Diner really set the tongues a wagging!

It was really great to catch up with her, and there is nothing like a good gossip with a great friend. And the burgers weren’t too bad either!


As Kat had recently won Miss British Beauty Curve, she brought her Crown with her, and insisted on having “Crelfies” Well…. It’s the closest I am going to get to a pageant crown, so I just had to do it!

After putting the world to rights, and some surprise gifts, we went our separate ways, and I hastily ran back to my dorms, as it was a little scary walking around Euston on my own.

Up bright and early, I ambled along to Greater London House, the headquarters of ASOS. I was due to meet up with 20ish other buxom beauties to take part in the ASOS Curve fit and focus day.


Basically it was an event where we got to try on lots of clothes, shoes, accessories and even hosiery and then give our opinions on style, fit, shape, quality, price and a chance to raise issues and ideas of how things could be better. Well… Of course I was totally up for that!

The outside of the building is stunning, with Egyptian lotus topped columns, Huge Bastet cat statues and bright beautiful colours. I couldn’t wait to get inside and see what the rest was like.


Well, it was a total contrast, bright open spaces, modern and fresh, and the ASOS logo everywhere.

We were taken into a large room, where we listened to a bit of a explanation of what the day would entail, and then we were off. The first section we had to look at was clothing, and in our group we had a pair of black twill dungarees and a sequined catsuit.

Both of these items were a little out of my comfort zone, but I gave them both a try and liked both items. As there were so many varied shapes, sizes and heights in the room, it was amazing to see how different the same item looked on several people.

We then had a look around the building, watching the photoshoots, catwalks and how models are picked. We got a sneak look at some of the up and coming styles and then we got to strut our stuff down the catwalk too!

We returned back to the Main room, and had a lovely buffet lunch before moving onto swimwear, accessories, shoes and hosiery. Well… that’s everything a girl could ask for, surely?

I have to admit, I am really funny about the swimwear I buy, mainly because I feel very self-conscious when wearing it, this meant I wasn’t a huge fan of the items we had to try on. I won’t go and put you off your lunches and dinners by posting a picture of me in it, but let’s just say it wasn’t really for me!


What was for me, however was the amazing footwear selection, including some amazing suede knee high boots. Now, being a bit of a shortie, these came more mid-thigh on me. But that wasn’t a problem either. In fact, I felt very dominatrix like in them, and they are definitely now on my “to purchase” list. Absolutely beautiful, and so comfortable to wear too!

I also fell in love with the most perfect pair of shoes. Blue crocodile/alligator skin type pattern with gladiator style laces. They were absolutely amazing! It was just a pity that I couldn’t walk more than 3 or 4 steps in them, but thats because I am not used to walking in high heels anymore, as I live my life in ballet flats.

Talking of ballet flats, they had some beautiful copper ones with a pointed front that were to die for. Again another item high on my list to buy.

We moved onto handbags and accessories, and dissected and pulled apart the items one by one, again falling in love with lots of them. Rings, Body belts and chokers were all passed around and given the once over by our specific group.


The Asos team gave us all a fabulous goody bag to take with us, and it was time to head off.


As it was only around 4pm, several of us decided to walk down into Camden to have a mooch around. We even met up with Asos Felicity whilst there, so of course we had to have Selfies taken with her.


Soon after, it was time to say goodbye to everyone, and I headed back to Euston to wait for my train. I had a little time to kill so popped into the Royal George and had the most amazing Steak and Ale pie and mash. A perfect meal on a perfect day!


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