Pinup girl style

As many of you know, I am Pinup Girl Clothing MAD!!! I have yet to find an outfit that I do not like!

Everything I have ever ordered has fitted me like a glove, is of the most amazing quality and designed with such love, passion and style. It suit me down to the ground.


Whenever I go out wearing PUG you can guarantee that I get asked about what I am wearing, and compliments galore, even from total strangers in the street.


And as you can tell I am a real fan!

My most recent purchases were a little out of my usual comfort zone, as I have only ever ordered swing/full dresses so far. However I took a chance and ordered the most beautiful red Lauren top and the Jenny skirt in cherry print to go with it.

I also ordered a tight dress – the blue and red tiki dress which was something I really thought I would struggle with. However, I have to say it has become one of my all time favourite dresses. I always feel amazing when I wear it out, and intend to get the other colour combinations they do – Red and Orange and Purple and Green.

The first outfit, the top and skirt arrived and I was a little apprehensive. The tightness of the bust and sleeve had me worried as I had never tried something quite as fitted as this particular style. However, i had nothing to worry about. The cut and fit was absolutely spot on for the top, and really complimented my curves.

The skirt is quite full, but not as full as some of the dresses I have previously bought, however it gives a wonderful shape when worn, and is beautiful when dancing in it, with just enough swing and sway.

The cotton is a medium-heavy weight cotton, with a beautiful cherry print. The gathers at the top of the skirt give the fullness needed, and this is equally stunning worn with, or without a petticoat. I tend to wear mine with a black canvas underskirt which gives extra fullness, without the puffiness of a net petticoat.


This outfit really is set off by wearing a wide belt to hide the join, and I pair mine with some little red ballet flats, this beautiful cherry necklace and if i am feeling really adventurous, a red pillbox hat.

The second outfit I chose was the Tiki Dress. As previously mentioned, it is a little of out of my comfort zone, however I found it a perfect dress for someone with a little more ‘padding’ as it accentuates the curves, yet has a draped front section, which hides the tummy section, and comes with a matching little bolero jacket to cover those problem arms and also covers a little of the cleavage, which can be beneficial on those more sedate occasions.


I have yet to try wearing the Tiki dress to my Jiving nights. I don’t anticipate any issues however as the material is a good weight, and has a little stretch in it, so I think the dance moves will be possible – I’ll give it a go, anyway!

I was so pleased with both of these purchases and I will definitely be looking out of my usual choices when I make the next order. More Tiki dresses and separates will give me more mix and match options which is always a good thing!


What PUG choices do you usually make? What items do you recommend I buy next?

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