Driving her confidence up

As I have mentioned before, I have twins. Affectionately known as Baby Bear and Little Chick.

Little Chick flew the nest last month, down to University, whilst her slightly older Sister stayed at home. This is due to her studying to become a Chartered Accountant here.

Now, I’ve been pretty lucky, as for their 17th birthday we bought them a little black and white Mini Cooper, that was for us to share, them to learn to drive in and me to use until they passed their driving tests.


I’ve got quite used to buzzing around in this cute little car, nipping into small spaces and generally having a great time in it…sunroof open, music playing….FAB.

But that all changed 2 weeks ago when Baby Bear took her first driving test. And passed with flying colours!

Almost immediately she removed all my belongings from the Mini, and off she went.

Now, even though I knew she had been given the all clear by a qualified inspector, I hadn’t yet got my head around the fact that she is allowed to drive around with me.

blogger-image-235030826I was finding it quite difficult to not text her, checking she had got there safely, that everything was okay, especially when she was driving in the dark!

The weekend after she passed her test, she traveled down to Winchester to see her sister.

First time on a Motorway. First time navigating around a City. First time on unusual roads. And she did brilliantly!

We had to go down in our family car as a trip to a certain large Swedish retailer was planned. so I found myself having to observe her driving style and skills.

And you know what?


I couldn’t have been prouder. She drove with skill and impressed me totally. She handled tricky situations with ease, and you would never have guessed she had only just passed.

All told that day, she drove over 300 miles, after having her licence for five days. I’m not sure I would have had the confidence to do that when I was newly passed.


Anyway, I now find myself not sending those texts, as whilst I will always worry about my Girls, She has shown herself to be an amazing, capable and confident driver.

Looks like I have to let go of more than just a third share in a Mini!

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