Going back in time

As many of you may remember, I did a post last month about my 25th Anniversary School Reunion, and the panic I felt over attending it.

Well, Attend I did and whilst it wasn’t particularly my cup of tea, I have had a few readers ask me how it went, and what I decided to wear to the event. So, I thought I would do an “outfit of the day” type post so everyone could see.

I actually decided against a full 50’s style swing dress with petticoats, and instead opted for a tighter fitting 50s style Tiki dress from Pinup Girl Clothing.


Some of you may recognise this dress as I have wore it in a blue/maroon colourway on several occasions, but this was a new purchase so I thought I would give it a debut at the event.

Several months ago, I had taken part in an auction for a Cancer Charity, run by a vintage group I am part of on Facebook and I was the winning bidder. This meant I could go to a local salon and have my hair and nails done, so what better a time to use it up than for my Reunion. I decided to match my nails to the outfit, and hoped that I didn’t change my mind on what I was wearing at the last minute!


Luckily I already owned the perfect accessories – Shoes and Handbag, so I was all set.


I arrived at the event, and felt exceedingly nervous. In fact I didn’t want to get out of my car. I sat there for a couple of minutes, before a loud knock on my window gave me the fright of my life!

One of the girls who I had gone to school with right from the age of 4 was stood by my door, and told me to get out the car. To be honest, had she not done that, I would have put my car in reverse and driven myself right back home again.

I stayed for a couple of hours, before making my way back home. The music was 90’s based, and to be fair, I didn’t like it back in the 90’s and I have even less tolerance for it now, 25 years later.

It was lovely to catch up with those friends that I hadn’t seen for a long time, but it really wasn’t somewhere I felt comfortable being. This is a personal issue, not the fault of anyone that was there. I just think I am not quite as far along in my journey as I sometimes think I am.


It’s a different kettle of fish being “myself” amongst people that accept me, my style, my size and my attitude. It’s not the same being amongst those people who remember the person you used to be, way back when.

It also made me realise that I am going to spend the next 40+ (I hope) years making me happy and not trying to fit in with the norm, after all why be miserable when I can be fabulously happy!

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