Hot cats and cool curves — The Curve Fashion Fest 2015

A few weeks ago, I found myself hostess to four of my favourite bloggers for the weekend, Becky Brown, Sarah Doyle, Sharon Davies and Kerry Davis. This was when I opened my house so we could do the Curve Fashion Festival in Manchester. And what a weekend it was!

We kicked it off on Friday night when we attended an event called The Hot Cat Club in Milton Keynes. This was as swing dance event, run by Gin Fizz.


Taking part inside a cool club, the event starts with an hour long dance class, which is suitable for absolute beginners, and then ends up as a record hop for the rest of the night.

Well, we all dressed up in our finest, swingiest dresses, piled into my seven seater and off we went.

We were joined there by my friend Vicky, and there were also a few of the “Marvelettes” a vintage group I am a member of on Facebook. It was great to finally meet a few more of the bunch.


Creating a big circle, we proceeded to learn the basic steps, swapping partners every few minutes.

“Inside, Outside, Round the Back, Mess around…”

Well, that sentence became our catchphrase for the whole weekend.

Whilst I don’t think I sent the dance floor alight with my moves, I really did have a lot of fun and thoroughly recommend it!

Saturday morning saw us up at 5am to get ready for our epic drive to Manchester.

Well, we had to start it off with double sausage and egg mcmuffins and hash browns all round!


The trip to Manchester was nice and easy, and I don’t think I have ever laughed quite as much, or as hard. My ribs still ache now!

On arrival our group had to split up because Sharon and myself had been asked to help promote Lisa Riley’s new clothing collection, Just be You.

I was given a beautiful sparkly blue dress to wear, a full length maxi with long sleeves and quite a deep cleavage.


It was a fabulous flattering style, and certainly ideal for the Winter party nights.

After pictures for the press with Lisa Riley herself, the rest of the day was free, so off to the stands we went.


There was a massive selection of retailers and service represented there, and we had a great time catching up with some familiar faces, including Liz from Apples and Pears, Gifi and Crew from Scarlett and Jo, the Curvy Kate ladies, and the uber-cool couple Betty Pamper and Nicky Rockets.


We also had the chance to meet some of the top models and bloggers in the plus size industry, including Tess Holliday, Nicolette Mason, Hayley Hasselhoff and Louise O’Reilly.


Even better, was the opportunity to catch up with my PS Blogger family, and never ones to miss an opportunity, a mass photo ensued.


In the afternoon there was a couple of catwalks, and to be honest, these were my least favourite part of the day.

The ladies modelling for the myriad of companies, were no doubt, stunningly beautiful, but I felt there was a lack of size and diversity in size and looks. Whilst plus size, can AND does start at size 12, having size 14-16 models all around 5ft 10″ will never encourage me to buy an outfit because clearly it won’t look like that on me!


Eventually, shattered and with sore feet, we made our way to the car and I drove home, whilst most of the others snored the miles away.

Sunday morning found me with just two bloggers at my house, Boo and Sharon. So I duly took them out for brunch at the amazing Nanna’s Kitchen, found within an amazing shop – literally called The Most Marvellous Place to Shop in Northampton.


Three portions of garlicky mushroomy spinachy cheesy melt later, and I knew I had converted them to my way of thinking!

We had a bit of a mooch around and Boo convinced me to buy another vintage hat – As if I needed any encouragement.


Eventually it was time to say goodbye and I returned home, weary, with a mound of washing BUT boy, was it worth it for the amazing time we all had.

When are we doing it again ladies???

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