Pin curl perfection

In all the time I have been dressing in a vintage style, I have never tried pin curls before. I don’t know whether through fear of messing it up, or because lazyitis set in. However, I finally convinced myself to give it a go.

With no pre-planning, setting lotions or hair nets, I sat myself down on a Thursday evening, started rolling my damp hair into coils before pinning it flat to my head.


About an hour later, I was all curled and pinned, so putting a bandana over it, I was done.

Taking the pins out the next morning, expecting massive failure, I was amazed to see perfect ringlets falling around my head.

Well, I say falling, they were actually quite tightly curled to my head!

Since then I’ve gone out, got myself setting lotions and a hair net and I then attempted it in the early hours of the Sunday morning, with the intention of unpinning them on arrival in Winchester, where I was visiting Little Chick at University.


There was only one problem…. they were still not dry, come lunchtime.

Did it bother me? Or did I walk all around Southampton and Winchester with a headscarf on? Well…. I’ll let you guess!

Getting home from Winchester at 10pm, it was a bit late to be unpinning, so I thought I would leave it in until the morning, as it wouldn’t do that much.

Or so I thought.

The Monday morning alarm goes off, I shower and then sit down and start unpinning.


I look like Little Orphan Annie’s MUCH older dark haired sister. Actually more like her grandmother!

Thankfully they did start to drop a little, especially when I started finger combing it a bit.

I’m not yet ready to try “brushing out” my pin curls, as I really don’t know what I am doing, but when I tried brushing it out the next day, I looked liked my hair was a fluffy cloud.


Clearly I need to take further instructions on that, but for now I am loving the ringlets, and although it is a little time consuming to put them in, the results are for me, definitely worth all the effort.

PS I did it again this weekend, and ended up with an Afro!!


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