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So I was very recently honoured and pleased to have been included in a very recent special day, that took place at Scarlett and Jo’s headquarters in London.

A large group of approximately 30 people had been invited to be a part of Gifi Fields’ latest adventures, shooting photos and video for his Autumn/Winter collections, a new Spring/Summer line and the creation of his new Scarlett and Jo Website.

We arrived at his HQ on Saturday morning, to be beautified by a team of Make Up artists and Hairdressers – As it was SO early we definitely needed it. Well I did anyway!


After being prettied up, it was time to change into the first of a new Spring/Summer collection. Pretty Flowers, Vintage styles and Lollydots galore. I was in my element.

We were taken down to a studio where 4 TV style cameras were set up. Each outfit was showcased on the stage, with poses, turns and all angles taped.


Several clothes changes later and we had moved into the Autumn/Winter range and my favourite dress of them all – A full length steel grey velvet gown with an overprinted lace pattern. I felt like a total goddess in it!


We were then taken outside, and had a full on strut down the middle of the road, 30 plus size women dressed to the nines, walking en-masse. The general public did not know what had hit them!

After a freshen up of the makeup, we were back into the studio for the next exciting part of the day – taping the TV shows.


The wonderful Georgina Grogan was hosting the series of interviews, with several guests including the beautiful Jess from “Jess and The Bandits”

Sitting in the audience, I was looking forward to seeing and hearing the opinions and comments from the guests. Little did I know I was going to be one of the guests.

I was told by Gifi to put on my favourite item from the Autumn/Winter collection and get myself down to the studio. I obviously had to choose the Grey Velvet, and off I went.


Getting Miked up was a strange feeling. Knowing that potentially I would be seeing and heard by thousands of people on the Internet, sharing my experiences and also sharing some deeply personal things was both scary, yet liberating. And also another adventure I never thought I would be having.

See the video Here I actually am really proud of the whole thing. It as all off the cuff, and Georgina was an absolute star as the presenter, she really made me feel so at ease, and it was so easy to talk to her. Literally just like having a conversation with a good friend!

Being chosen to talk about confidence was a massive honour for me, yet one I couldn’t understand. I mean, 18 months ago I didn’t have any!


I think I am more of a “blagger” than a blogger, in many ways. And I have always put on a false bravado, a perfect act, when really I am crying and shying away inside.

However, I was able to give my opinions in what I hope was an interesting and eloquent way. I hope that when you watch it, you’ll feel that I did.

Once the taping was over, it was time to take all the beautiful clothes off…. Gutting!


However, one of the highlights of my day was when Gifi handed me the dress of my dreams, A one off black and gold lace and velvet creation that he has never put into production, meaning that I now own the only one in existence. How cool is that?


To get over the loss of all the wonderful clothes, a few of us thought it prudent to get ourselves to TGI Fridays where we could indulge in a Huge cocktail or four.

Massive burgers and fries later, I left my Plus size family and got myself onto the train where I reclined in First Class with a glass of Rose to finish off the day.


And it was a perfect end to a perfect day!

Oh and just to let you know…. The Scarlett and Jo Website goes LIVE next week!!! You will not believe the beautiful garments available on there, I think I will have to remortgage my house in order to buy them all 🙂

Go check it out on Scarlett and Jo the only place showcasing diverse plus size models from size 14 – 32, and 4ft10 to 6foot. See exactly how YOU will look wearing the fabulous creations with the photo slideshows, and videos showing every angle of every perfect dress.

You won’t be disappointed.

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