Have breasts, will travel

As many of you know (or will have read) I previously did a post or three based on the Quest for the perfect Bra. Part 1 Part 2 and Part 3 can all be found here.

The conclusion of my Quest was that I thought I had managed this, with a range from the fabulous Ewa Michalak based in Poland.

Alas, this was not to be. Well… Not yet.

The bras that I tested were, in my opinion fabulous. However after a couple of weeks I started to have a few problems. The fit was not quite right, and I started to suffer some discomfort.


I must stress that this is in no way was a problem with Ewa’s bras, or design, more that I had not done a very good job in getting the right size sent to me.

Full credit however, must be given to Ewa and her lovely colleague Kaśka who answered my email where I was asking for some help due to the discomfort.

Through our discussions, we ascertained that I was still wearing the wrong back size (most likely) and what the next step was.

Well, I don’t think Kaśka anticipated my response when she threw out the comment “It’s a pity you aren’t in Poland as we could sort this out so easily”

My response was…Well, What if I came over to Poland?


I mean, If I had paid £305 a bra to be made to measure here in the UK, how expensive could it be to travel to Poland? Surely not that much?

Looking at the costs, I was surprised just how reasonable it was to fly to Warsaw, so decided to go full steam ahead with the trip.

Roping my buddy Boo Brown into my escapade, we went ahead and booked a 3 day stay in Warsaw with flights and hotel for the bargain price of £70 each!


I’m not sure that Poland is ready for us to arrive on its doorstep, but I am more excited than I actually thought possible. Warsaw looks a beautiful City, and I am looking forward to a little sight seeing in between bra fittings.

So, This time next week, I will be getting ready to head for the skies, and hopefully heading to Poland will actually be the end of my search to get the perfect bra.


Oh, and If you are wondering about the title of this post, it was all in thanks to an old pen pal of mine, who found great hilarity in the fact that my boobs were taking me to Poland, and quipped “Have boobs will travel”

I couldn’t have said it better myself!

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