Birthday blessings

I suppose I should start this post with a warning…. It’s going to get a bit sentimental and Slushy!

This Monday morning heralds the birthday of not only my wonderful Daughters, but also my lovely Mum-in-law!

Now, sharing your birthday with anyone is tricky (ask my twins) but Mum has had her special day taken over by my two girls – However It does make for a very special bond between them.


This post, however, is really all about the two wonders that changed my life, and have changed ME.

I know we all say how time flies, and boy, it certainly is true in this case.


It doesn’t seem like two minutes ago that they placed two wriggling screaming tiny babies in my arms, and here we are now, 19 years later and it has gone in the blink of an eye.

We’ve had laughter, tears, fights, debates, fun and also sorrow. We have sang, danced, had adventures, snuggles and arguments where we wouldn’t speak to each other for hours. Yet through it all, I know they loved me, and I have never stopped loving them (although I might have told them I didn’t like them very much on occasion).


I am equally aware of how very much they have enriched my life. How their love has filled my heart, and how more than anything I want them to be proud of me. The way I am of them.

They have grown up to be kind, caring, clever, beautiful and considerate girls. I know they are sensible (for the most part) are quick to help both friends and strangers alike, they have offered me and loved ones support when needed and BEST of all, I know I can talk to them about anything, and they know they can do the same with me.

What I guess I am trying to say, is that I couldn’t be more prouder of the ladies they have become. They are individuals who know their own minds and are not afraid to show it, but equally they have a Twin bond that no-one can break.


This has been especially evident since Little Chick went to University. The first time they had really be separated. And it shows. They are closer now, more supportive, more patient with each other, and certainly more loving. And that fills my heart with more joy than I thought possible.

I love them both to pieces and wish I could do the last 19 years all over again….well possibly missing out the terrible two’s and the totally tortuous teenage years!


Happy Birthday Girls. May you have everything your heart desires, and you continue to grow and become even greater that what you have already accomplished.

Oh, and to my Mum-In-Law, sorry for stealing your day. Thank you for everything you are and everything you do. We really do appreciate it all!


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