Hallowe’en hijinks!

Normally I would have posted this a lot quicker, but to say I have had a manic couple of weeks is a bit of an understatement! However, as I had such a fun weekend doing this, I wanted to put the post out there, even though it’s a bit late!

Now normally on Hallowe’en, I stay in with my family and answer the door to the local little ones with armfuls of goodies. However, this year, I had not one but TWO Halloween parties to go to!


The first was at my local dance place – AJ’s Diner which holds rock and roll nights every Friday. I try and get there most weeks, and I certainly wasn’t going to miss out on their Halloween spectacular.

I decided to go as Dracula’s Bride, in a full length white and black gown, veil, fangs and dripping blood.

I really enjoyed doing the pale skin, bite marks on my neck, and the fake blood. But the fangs just did not want to stay in!


The whole of the Diner had been decorated in Halloween style, cakes had been baked by the wonderful Lesley, and everyone had turned up in amazing costumes, from ghosts, to zombies, to Little Red Riding Hood, Grandma and the Wolf. It really was an amazing turn out!

Watching groups of ghouls and covens of witches jiving and strolling together was pretty surreal, but such good fun too!


Saturday night saw Boo Brown, Sharon Davies and I go to another blogger friends house for a Spooky Time.

Kerry very kindly invited us all to a party, and as we never turn down a good night out… off we went.

I had borrowed a costume from the lovely Boo, A Queen of Heart ensemble which I topped off with a short red bobbed wig, and in my wisdom decided to paint my face.


Now, I had seen a picture of a beautiful lady with a Queen of Heart design, and thought I would give it a go.

Little did I realise that I was trying to copy a famous Illamasqua make company image. When I have never painted a face before, AND my make-up skills are very very limited!


After having a trial run a few days before, I worked out some “do’s and don’ts” and merrily painted away.

Turning up at Kerry’s with a carved pumpkin, alcohol and snacks, we were met by ghosts, zombie nurses, brides and tigers.

Spooky music and alcohol eventually turned into ‘banging’ tunes and a game of ‘cards against humanity’ which I can happily brag that I won! All in all, this Halloween was a frighteningly good one, spent with great friends!

Best costume of the night had to be the adorable Vinnie…. Batdog!!!


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