Wandering in wonderful Warszawa: Part 1

Last week saw me leave my family and job behind and join up with my blogger friend Boo Brown on an amazing adventure! Those of you who read my blog regularly know I was planning to visit Poland and the amazing Ewa Michalak to try and get myself some lingerie, but incorporated it with a couple of days wandering around Warsaw.

We arrived on Wednesday afternoon, caught the Modlin bus from the airport and managed to arrive in Warsaw Centrum around 5pm. We were staying at the beautiful Novotel, a 33 storey hotel right in the middle of the city, an absolutely beautiful and cosmopolitan hotel.

The views were amazing from our room on the 11th floor. One of the views from our window was of an establishment, that had a seductive pussycat painted inside a keyhole shape. On a video screen, soft porn was playing! Well, of course we had to go and have a look.

Imagine my surprise when the credits started rolling, and one of the models was called Tanya B! And no…. it wasn’t me starring in it!

We decided to go and have something to eat in the hotel restaurant before heading out to see the City.

I have to admit, I had the most amazing Fillet Steak, Chips and Peppercorn Sauce I have ever had, all washed down with two double vodka and cokes. Boy, were those measures strong! And the best part? The whole thing cost me around £25!


On the way into the City from the airport, we had spotted some beautiful parasol like decorations on the lampposts, and endeavoured to find them. We believed them to be around by the Royal Castle, so off we went.


We braved the local buses, to get ourselves to The Royal Castle, a beautiful building that was in a pretty square, surrounded by little cafes and shops. We managed to not get ourselves lost, and made it back to the hotel with no trouble at all.


Everyone in Warsaw was so very helpful, and 99% of them spoke great English which helped as we spoke no Polish whatsoever.

Knowing we were due to visit Lodz the next morning, we went to the train station to get our tickets. Thankfully the Hotel receptionist had written down in Polish what we needed, as the Ticket seller was the only person we met who didn’t have any grasp of English at all.

We went back to the hotel, had a nightcap and then retired to bed, to start the amazing bra quest adventure that was to take place the next morning….


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