My new breast friends!

My new breast friends! Sorry…I just couldn’t resist another boob-related pun, especially as this is all about my recent Bra Adventure in Poland, and the final outcome of my braquest.

As you all probably know, I recently visited Poland for a couple of days to see the amazing Ewa Michalak, bra maker extraordinaire, in her workshop in Łódź.

Now, this wasn’t a spur of the minute decision, (see my previous blogs for info – Part 1 Part 2 and Part 3) It had come about due to the issues and problems I have struggled with all my life to get bras to fit.


I had tried some Ewa bra’s a few months back, and had a few difficulties, mainly because my measurements were a little off and I ordered the wrong size. I was exceedingly gutted as I knew that if I got the right size, they could be the answers to all my problems.

So, I found myself jumping on a plane to Warsaw, before catching a two hour train to get to the town of Łódź, with my blogger bestie Boo Brown. We were both due to have fittings, in the hope that we might be able to get sorted with some better fitting bras.

Little did I know what an experience it was going to be.

Ewa and her sister Gosia speak only Polish, and as our skills in that language were non-existant, it was down to the amazing Kaśka to do all the hard work.

On arrival at Ewa’s workshop/factory, ladies were busy making lingerie right in front of our eyes. It was fascinating to watch, and the creations were beautiful.

Kaśka explained that they also had an in-house studio, and if we were agreeable, they would like for us to take part in a photoshoot, showing off Ewa’s creations. Well, we could hardly refuse! I mean, we were there to have an adventure, after all.

We were then introduced to Ewa and Gosia, who immediately started grabbing bras out for us to try. For me, this led to quite a prolonged period of trial and error, as Ewa deemed each bra unsuitable for various reasons.

Ewa then disappeared into her workroom, and came back with bits of lace, fabric, harnesses and straps which she proceeded to pin to various parts of the bra I was wearing. With the help of Kaśka, Ewa explained that the bra fitted well, apart from needing more support to help with the sheer weight of my breasts.


Bra after bra was tried on, adjusted, sections added, and in one case, darts put into the lace to give added support. These were all taken away by Ewa to be altered.

Ewa came back again, with another bra, and explained that if she was to add a large section of material to the top of the bra, it would give me the most support, but would mean the bra was exceedingly high and full cupped. This wouldn’t be suitable for plunging necklines or even some dresses, but for an everyday “under my work shirts” kind of bra, it would be ideal.


Ewa took the bra off again, did her magic and brought it back in for me to try on. I have to admit, even I didn’t expect how wonderful it felt to actually put a bra that FITTED me. I couldn’t help it, I admit I did cry a tiny little bit… with happiness of course.

Kaśka then went on to tell us that although Ewa doesn’t generally make briefs in the size we would need, she was actually making some up that morning to match with the bra’s that would hopefully be ready soon. How amazing!


Next it was Boo’s turn. Of course, it turned out the very first bra she tried on, fitted perfectly! As did every bra she tried on.

Kaśka then asked us if we were ready to go into the studio to have a photoshoot! Now, this had been mentioned as a little bit of fun for us, but I never expected that we would be used as lingerie models for the brand!

We met up with the makeup artist, who sat me down first and proceeded to pamper me, curl my hair and even add false eyelashes. Then the camera started rolling.


Boo was then treated to the make-over, whilst I posed and pranced around in my scanties!

Ewa popped back in a little while later, with bras and knickers galore. Leopard prints, flowers and satin trims. Pearls, heart appliques and bows had been lovingly stitched onto seams and the backs of briefs.


We then spent the next few hours trying on underwear, whilst being shot by Kaśka, who happened to be the in-house photographer too.

I have to admit, I had never in my wildest dreams imagined that I would be standing in just my underwear, having hundreds of photo’s taken, for the whole World to see. This was just so surreal, but yet so liberating and confidence building too.

By the end of the shoot, we were giggling and playing it up for the camera, and then Ewa jumped in and had a few shots with us. Priceless!

We finally finished and I have to admit, my back was aching and I was shattered. But also on top of the World. I was buzzing like a toddler on Red Bull and sweeties!

What an absolutely amazing adventure to have had. It really was a day I will never forget!

Since arriving back in the UK, photographs from the shoot have started to appear on both Ewa’s website, and other social media. This for me is a massive achievement.

Even six months ago, I could never have anticipated getting my naked flesh out for all and sundry to see. The very idea would have filled me with fear, dread and I just couldn’t have gone through with it.


Now, I am proud of the photos, happy with the way I was styled on the day, in love with the underwear I am wearing, and dare I say it pretty bloody chuffed with myself.

Ewa was amazing to work with, as was Gosia and Kaśka , and I can’t begin to thank them enough for everything they managed to do for me. By that, I mean not just making the underwear, but the boost to my self esteem and confidence by wearing perfectly fitting underwear, but the photoshoot where for the first time ever I didn’t feel ashamed of my own barely clothed body.

Thank you ladies, you really have improved not just my cleavage, but my posture, my attitude and my life!

Oh… And I can happily report that the BraQuest is at an end!


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