Wandering in wonderful Warszawa: Part 2

So, at the end of my last post, Boo and I had visited the amazing Ewa Michalak, taken part in a full on photoshoot and were getting ready for our two hour journey back to Warsaw.

Before we left, Ewa and her sister, Gosia insisted on taking us for dinner at a local Polish restaurant, before getting the bus home.

This was just what we needed! We both wanted to try Polish food, but was concerned that we wouldn’t have a clue what we were ordering so had shied away from it. Now was our chance.

Kaska told us that Ewa had ordered us all a special dessert, and that we would be eating it before the main course. Well, of course this caused a lot of confusion for me and Boo, so we asked Kaska if this was a normal custom in Poland.


Kaska explained that it wasn’t normal at all, just that Ewa really liked her dessert but wasn’t sure if she would have space for it if she ate her main course first, so decided to get the desserts as a starter!

Well, what a fabulous idea! We all ate the most amazing apple dessert with cream and ice cream and then moved onto our main courses. And I have to admit she was right. I couldn’t manage all my Kotlety Schabowy (pork escalope) as I was so full. I personally think its a tradition that we should start here! The pie was absolutely delicious and I was so glad that I got to eat it first.

Far too quickly it was time to go and catch our bus. We got back to the station just in time to catch the Modlin bus to Warsaw, and so began a very pleasant two hour journey, with videos, wi-fi, music all available via in seat screens. For the bargain ticket price of £4 each.


We eventually got back into Warsaw around 1030pm, and after freshening up, headed straight for the bar for another round of those large Vodkas.


This actually signalled our last night in Warsaw as we were due to leave the City around 330pm the following afternoon to fly home again. I was actually really disappointed that the adventure was nearly all over.

In hindsight, both Boo and I said that we should have booked for an extra couple of days, as there was so much to see, but not a lot of time to see it all.


Upon waking the next morning, and packing, we decided the best way to see as much of Warsaw before we left would be to take a guided bus tour around the City.

We hopped onto a tourist bus, where for the bargain price of £10 you could hop on and off as much as you liked, whilst it took you around the whole of the City, viewing most of the attractions.


Well, as it was pouring it down with rain, it seemed an ideal way of getting around, seeing the highlights, without getting soaking wet. A recorded commentary in several different languages was available to tell you a little of the history of the City and exactly what we were seeing.


I am a total geek when it comes to sightseeing. Even if I have seen things before, I will take hundreds of photographs, and this was no exception with Warsaw. Several hundred pictures later, and I was quite happy with what I had managed to capture, even with the rain obscuring some of the shots.


Warsaw is an absolutely beautiful City, with quite a tragic history, and so getting to see and hear all about it was so interesting. There were several places that given enough time, I would have liked to have walked around and spent time in, such as the Chopin Museum and The Royal Palace. Maybe next time?


All too soon we had to head for the bus that was to take us to the airport. The whole trip was a bit of a whirlwind, but such an adventure. I would definitely love to go back to Poland again, hopefully in the Spring, when I am told it is even more beautiful.


On return to the UK, Boo and I organised some flowers, chocolates and a cake for all the ladies at Ewa Michalak, to say thank you for all their hard work, and the amazing welcome that they gave to us. Their hospitality was wonderful, and it was a real please to meet them all.


To me, Poland was a pretty perfect place to visit, and the people there, were the most amazing and friendly I think I have ever met. Thank you for welcoming us to your beautiful Country.


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