Most marvellous in Manchester

As most of you know, I have a love of vintage styles, clothing, hair and everything that goes with it. Because of this, I joined a wonderful group on Facebook called “40’s and 50’s Most Marvellous Meet ups”

Now, this group has gone from strength to strength recently, and has over 4000 members, based all over the UK and even in other parts of the World.

The wonderful team of Admins (or Madmins in this case) in the group decided to organise a winter vintage ball, and this finally took place last weekend in Manchester.


A chance to put on my finery, have my hair done in the most marvellous vintage style, and dance the night away, all with other like minded vintage loving marvels? Well…. I could hardly refuse an opportunity like that.

So, on Saturday, I set off on the 3+ hour journey that would take me to Manchester, via Derby where I was due to visit the amazing Sarah of Pin Up Curl who was going to give me a suitable vintage vixenish hairdo.

Well, she had made a friend of me the second I walked into her house to meet Audrey and Doris, her two adorable little cats. I was quite in my element talking to them, and Sarah before sitting down to be styled all up.


To make it even better, we had Doris Day singing in the background, whilst we chatted away like long lost friends. And my hairstyle….Well, it was just beautiful from every angle. I couldn’t have done anything quite like it, and I was absolutely thrilled with the end result. Thanks Sarah.

I then made my way to Sale, Manchester, where I was due to be meeting, and sharing a hotel room with the lovely Beverley, a lady that I had been writing to for around 8 months, as part of a penpal scheme that the group had set up.


Writing to someone and sharing your life with them is a little different to be sharing a room with them, but I was sure that Beverley and I would get on like a house on fire, even if my daughter warned me that I might get murdered in my bed and my skin wore like a suit. I really think she needs to stop watching those scary films!


Arriving at the Lennox Lea Hotel, I was beautifully surprised to find a warm, welcoming vintage style hotel, complete with a stunningly decorated Christmas tree.


I was led up to the top floor, where we actually had almost a suite of rooms. The room even had its own internal staircase and doorbell which was quite a novelty. The whole floor was beautiful, with a proper coal fire and the most comfiest beds I have ever slept in!


Beverly arrived a short while later, and we got down to the important stuff. Complimenting each others hair, eating biscuits and drinking tea. It really felt like I had known her for years, and it was a wonderful experience meeting her.

Coincidentally, Beverley’s work colleagues had told her that I too could be a serial killer!

The hotel receptionist had informed us of a couple of other ladies who were staying there and going to the same function as us, so I duly called Bette and Mimi to see if they wanted to share a taxi so we could all have a few sherberts.


We got the cab to the venue, which had been decked out in Vintage V.E styling, and what a bevy of beauties and handsome chaps we met!

Jewels, Gowns, Head-dresses galore. Everyone was dressed up to the nines and the effect was stunning.


I have also never seen such a set of dapper men. Tuxedos, top hats and tails, airmen uniforms. It was a true sight to behold.

I wore a beautiful Emerald Green Collectif Claudette dress, from a previous season, A sparkly Diamante necklace and earrings, and some lovely little kitten heel shoes from Primark.

I felt like a Green Goddess. I genuinely felt so comfortable, and beautiful and I know I couldn’t stop smiling.

The ball was an amazing place. Finally I got to meet some of the amazing people that I have chatted with online for several months. I was even lucky enough to have several ladies come up to me and tell me they loved reading my blog, that I was famous and an inspiration. Well… that knocked me for six, I can tell you!


Dinner, Dancing, Lots of bubbled to drink and the fun of spending time with new and old friends, I was really sad when the evening came to an end and it was time to get ourselves back to the hotel.


Expecting to have a bit of a hangover the next morning, I was pleasantly surprised to wake up, rested and feeling wonderful. It must have been those comfy beds at the Lennox Lea.

One full English breakfast later and a pot of Earl Grey, I felt like a totally new woman. And my hair had survived overnight too. Bonus!

The only downside to going that far, was the drive back alone later on in the day. But it was worth it for the adventure I had, and the new friends I made.

Oh, and I can thoroughly recommend the hotel. In fact, I would love to go back up next spring for a shopping excursion, and if I do, I know where I will be booking.


Finally, I would just like to thank Emma and the Madmins, and everyone else who helped organise the ball. Thank you to everyone that attended, and I am now looking forward to the Summer ball….Get organising ladies!

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