New year, new me?

So, new year resolutions….

Do you do them? Or more importantly Do you STICK to them?

I guess, in our lives, we have all potentially made resolutions as the clock strikes midnight. The question is, do they last longer than that new year’s bottle of champagne took to drink?

Personally, I am an ‘all or nothing’ kind of girl. Once I set my mind to something, it becomes a bit of an obsession.

A few resolutions ago, I decided to give up drinking alcohol for a month. I did the month easily, so carried on for three, which turned into six. Well, of course, if I could do six months, surely I could do twelve? The following new year, I was ready with a bottle of Champagne to celebrate a) the new year, and b) a year of no alcohol.

And then I got the flu, and spent new year’s eve in bed, so no champagne for me! I did resume drinking in the May – nearly 18 months after I had given up.

The following new year, I decided to join a gym. I went every single day solidly for 6 months, sometimes twice on a Saturday and Sunday. I absolutely loved it, and then the gym had to close for a couple of days. And that was it, I had lost my ‘flow’.

I haven’t been back since! (Oh, I know, you can hardly tell!)

Resolutions are a tricky thing, and lets be fair, most people never stick to them. This is usually because it is something unrealistic, or impossible to achieve. We then grow bored and one slip leads to another… and another.

Most of my resolutions and those of people I know, revolve around how we are going to get thinner, go to the gym more and eat healthily. They often involve giving something up, such as alcohol, cigarettes, chocolate, coffee or even buying new dresses!!

But why do we feel the need to wait until new year’s eve to promise to do these things. Or, why do we feel the need to do these things at all?

Of course, there is always something to be said about losing weight and getting healthy. I certainly know I am carrying more weight that I should. Luckily I don’t have any debilitating illnesses, although my back is a bit creaky, but my blood pressure is extremely low, and my cholesterol even lower. So, why change the person that I am, and have become.

Actually, for once, I LIKE myself. I am not unhappy with my size or my looks. In fact, I have more confidence now than I have ever had in my life. So why do I need a ‘new me?’. I mean, I have a partner who loves me, children that are happy and healthy, a job I love and a blog that I enjoy writing. All in all, a life that I am happy with and blessed to have.

I have decided, this year to change me for the better! Rather than making myself into something I am not, I am going to try new skills, improve existing ones and have even more adventures than this last year has given me.

Instead of focusing on what’s ‘wrong’ with me, I am paying attention to things that I would like to increase and improve on.

One of the lovely bloggers in our group, Sophie suggested a ’16 for ’16’. Basically listing 16 things you would like to achieve in 2016. Here are mine…

  1. Stop drinking again. This sounds like I am trying to go for the healthy option. However, I generally have better mental health when not drinking, AND I don’t always like the person I am when drunk.
  2. Improve on my Sign Language skills. Helping out at a local class will help me do this hopefully.
  3. Start Swimming again. This is not for weight loss reasons, but will help build some weak muscles in my back, which will enable me to do even more than ever before.
  4. Have an ‘out there’ photoshoot – Kitty Wood… this has your name pencilled in all over it.
  5. Finally learn to apply makeup properly. After all, at nearly 42, it’s never too late to learn. GG, do you do classes?
  6. Learn to ask for help when I need it. Stop trying to do it all, be it all. There’s nothing wrong in needing assistance now and then.
  7. Take up a new hobby or night class – expand that knowledge. Possibly dancing, or a language. I need to look into this further!
  8. Eat more regular meals, this will improve my metabolism and will help with my energy levels. Currently, I don’t normally do breakfast, and I never used to do lunch. However, I do now have soup at lunch, so I just need to make a bit more effort.
  9. Attend more vintage meets up and fairs. They bring me such pleasure, that it is worth travelling a bit more to experience them.
  10. Meet up with my three penpals. Meeting them through a vintage group has been a delight. I love the act of writing on proper paper with an ink pen, and I get excited when a return letter drops onto my doormat.
  11. Use Topcashback to earn money on my purchases. I always forget to do it, and realise after I have made my purchases! I plan on keeping the money in the pot until next December. Then treat myself
  12. Catch up with friends more. Since working full time, I don’t get as much time for this as I used to. I need to plan more in advance, and organise myself better. Evenings are not sacred, and can be used to leave the house!
  13. Travel more. This doesn’t necessarily have to be abroad either. I have found a love of road trips, and would like to see more of the UK too. Bristol, Brighton and York are all places I have wanted to see, and 2016 might just be the year.
  14. Read more Books. Not just the throwaway chicklit types of books, but serious hard thinking books and also more non-fiction. I have always been a voracious reader, but have become stuck in a rut at the kind of books I read.
  15. Try more things. Challenge that fear, order something different off the menu instead of the favourite, wear something that frightens me, wear different makeup. Challenge myself. Take more chances, put myself out there more and live life like everyday’s my last.
  16. And finally…..Be kinder to myself and forgive myself when I do have little slips.

These all are more than achievable. I will keep you all informed how it is going, but in the meantime, Do you have any Resolutions? And are they achievable?

What’s the secret to your success?

There are a few other lovely ladies taking part in ’16 for  16′, so why not have a look at their blogs here:




And on the first day of a brand new year may I wish you all


Thank you again for your support through 2015, and I look forward to seeing you all again in 2016.



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