A new year… a new look

Well, if you haven’t already realised it, you are looking at me in a totally different way!

I am very proud to show you my brand new website, www.secretplussizegoddess.com which has been designed and built by the amazing Paul Burley, otherwise known as Pixel Stylist.

I couldn’t be happier with the design he has come up with! The logo he originally designed for my blogger business cards has been incorporated with a lovely hot pink dotty look, with some cute floral accents. I absolutely love it, it really is totally ‘me’.  I hope you do too!


Using WordPress instead of Blogger will be so much easier for me to post and share my content now, so be prepared for lots of new posts and adventures in Tanyaland!  I honestly don’t know how I can thank Paul for all the work he has done, although gin seems like a good idea.

If you are looking for someone to design your website, or business cards, or help with your technical issues, he is a miracle worker. After all, he managed to get this technologically inept woman through the difficult pathways of the internet, without me losing my hair, or my  mind!

So, thank you Paul for everything. I know I have probably driven you mad with my constant questions, and the amount of hand-holding you have had to do, but I appreciate all the effort and hard work you have put in for me. I am already reaping the benefits with increased viewers, so it’s already working!

Readers, I hope you all like the new look, and would love to hear your thoughts and comments on the changes.

Look out for more blog posts soon!


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  • You’re very welcome – and thank you for the trumpet-blowing, I’m looking forward to seeing new posts on your brand-spanking new WordPress blog!! x

    • How could I resist!!! You’ve done a fabulous job


  • Vintage Fee

    Gorgeous – it is so you! Love the fun polkadot vibe, such an uplifting look <3

  • Kathryn Kaupa

    This is BEAUTIFUL and so very YOU – I love it xx

    • That’s exactly what I thought too KK, thank you for checking it out xx

  • kitty kaos

    I love the new design it’s so pretty and classy just like you xxx love you T xx

  • Fab layout I’m gonna need to get Paul to hook me up!!

    • Thank you sweetheart! I am so pleased with it 🙂

      He is great, you should contact him x

  • Kelly Fletcher

    Awwww looks awesome Tanya and totally you xxx

  • Doreen Joyce

    Nice one I wish you all the luck xxx

    • Tanya Brannan

      Thank you very Much Doreen xxx

  • BixxBoxx

    Wow Tanya! Looks lovely! 😍😍😍

  • I was thinking about contacting him myself but seeng yur bog has convinced me for sure. It’s very you, and it looks amazing!

  • I really like the redesign of your site, the colour and the fonts are great and the polka dots are so fun! xx