Baby Bear did good!

This Christmas Baby Bear decided I must have been a really great Mum, as I got not just one Lady Voluptuous dress, but TWO! And I couldn’t be happier!

I had my eye on the Marilyn Teal print dress for some time,and just loved the print. I was desperate to get it either as a Christmas present, or with some money that I had been given, and she volunteered to get it for me.

The day after it arrived, Lady Voluptuous released the Ursula Dress wiggle style dress in exactly the same print. Well, I was torn!

Baby Bear even volunteered to send back the Marilyn and swap for the Ursula. But I was more than happy with the dress I had, so it was duly wrapped up for Christmas Day (wrapped by myself, I should add)


Christmas Morning came, and I was so excited to get the Marilyn, but under the tree was another package addressed to me. It was a lot smaller, and I was convinced it was a package of socks.

When I opened it to find the Ursula in the teal print, I couldn’t believe it. She really had spoilt me.

So, because I have both dresses in the same print, I thought it would be ideal to do a review of them, comparing fit and design.

So, firstly The Marilyn Dress. This is a full skirted swing style dress, with a matching wide belt, short cuffed sleeves, with piping and a contrasting button
It has the standard cross over bodice as seen on previous Estella dresses, which is sewn down, thankfully. This stops any gaping, or bra peeping, which I find very useful.


The skirt has lovely pleated sections which give it a lovely full effect. I am 5ft 4 (nearly) and the skirt comes to my lower calf. This is precisely where I like my dresses to sit, so for me it is absolutely perfect.

Personally, I prefer the dress worn with a petticoat, and I have a pale blue petticoat which is 27inches long and is perfect for this particular dress.

The print itself is so striking, a strong teal blue with dark blue/black flowers and leaves. It really is a stand out dress. The wide belt is made with the same material, and has several metal riveted holes, and a large rectangular covered buckle.

I have already worn this dress on a couple of occasions, and have received lots of compliments on it. It really is one of my current favourites.

The Marilyn dress is available in several different prints, and is currently in the January Sales.

Moving onto the Ursula dress. This is a straight “wiggle” style dress with a draped bust area, and little cap sleeves. I was bought this in the same print, the Teal floral design.


The first thing that I love about this dress, is the flattering draped material over the bust area. This both gives a decorative finish, but also covers the bust area a little.

The skirt area is a straight pencil effect with a slit at the back. The length of the skirt sits at mid calf on me, and gives a lovely tapered silhouette.

Where the bottom half of the Marilyn swing dress needs no alteration, as more material means a fuller skirt, I found that the bottom half of the Ursula is a little loose on me.

This will be because I need a much bigger size to accommodate my top half, yet not so big on the bottom half.


This does not detract from the look of the dress at all, but is a personal preference. I would like my pencil skirt to be a little tighter around the legs and calves. I plan on getting this altered to my own preference at some point. This means that I haven’t yet had a chance to wear it out on a proper outing.

I tried the dress on and found it  very comfortable and a real knockout style. I can’t wait to get it back from the Seamstress, and wear it. I really do think it has an amazing stand out style. I probably will wear this with my Corset, to give more of a full hourglass shape.

The Ursula also comes in several patterns, and there are a few limited sizes in the January Sale. In fact, I liked this dress so much, I purchased it in the Violet floral print too!


Did you get any dresses for Christmas? or even in the January sale? If you managed to bag yourself any of these dresses, post a picture of you in it under the comment section!


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