Further adventures in TanyaLand

Well, last year was an amazing year for me. On the whole.

Of course, as with anyone, there will always be a few blips, or in my case a massive devastating blip at the beginning of the year. But the rest of the year was one of the best I have ever had.



From a social point of view I had roadtrips to Sheffield, Guilford, London and Manchester. I had vintage hair done in Derby, a vintage photoshoot and I went to a Winter ball in Sale, a Wedding in Scotland, Pin Up Picnic in Hyde Park and I went to the Twinwood vintage festival.



I had the most amazing huge family holiday to St.Lucia. And I wept with pride as Little Chick went off to University, and Baby Bear excelled at her job and passed her driving test. I went to the Hot Cat club with friends, and spent hours wandering around London.



From a blogger/professional point of view I had the most wonderful times at the Curvy Convention, StyleXL where I walked the catwalk and  The Curve Fashion Fest where I helped launch the Lisa Riley collection,



A full day Scarlett and Jo photoshoot where I also filmed an episode of the S&J Show, and I won Best New Blog in The Curvee Awards. This was all topped off by underwear modelling in Poland.



Two years ago, I wouldn’t have done even a quarter of that. Especially the modelling and the photoshoots. Let alone have pictures out there of me in my bra and knickers!  How the times have changed, and so have I!



I  honestly don’t know how half of this came to be, or how I got so lucky. I loved every single second, and would do it ALL over again in a heartbeat. My growth in confidence made most of this happen, and by taking part and loving it, in turn, it made my confidence grow even more. A self fulfilling circle.

So where does that leave me this year?



I intend to do all this and even more! Already I am filling in dates in my diary and planning my next little adventures.A whole weekend camping at Twinwood is on the cards, as is a Winter ball, Vintage meet ups and dancing nights.

Blogger meets, fashion shows, and events such as London Edge, Curvy Convention 2016, and Curve It 2016 will be events that I cannot miss! It’s always so good to meet up with all the blogging ladies and have a few giggle, a few cocktails and probably a huge burger!



The opportunity for road trips to Liverpool, Glasgow and Brighton are all on the cards. As places I have never been, but would love to go, I am desperate to make this happen.

Poland is another place that I will be returning to. After all, a girl can never have enough bras!  In my previous blogs I spoke of how I would love to spend more time in Warsaw to see all of the sights that I never got to visit last year.



There are so many more opportunities and adventures that I have planned, I honestly don’t know how I am going to fit them all in. But I will manage somehow.

Working full time, and being a Mum makes time a precious commodity. I have to plan in advance, to make sure I don’t double book, or miss out on a family occasion. But the time that I do have is my own. So I intend filling it with fun times and adventures.


After all, Life is for living…and I intend to live, laugh and love through every minute of every day!


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  • Kitty Wood

    You are so amazing and so inspiring! Your fashion sense is so fab, I love how you style everything and your smile. Here’s to hoping for more hanging out in 2016! xxx

    • You are just too sweet! I can’t wait to catch up with you soon AND organise a photoshoot too 🙂 xxx

  • What an amazing year you’ve had. It just makes me want to have you as a friend because you’ve been to some amazing fun events! lol. Good luck with your ambitions this year xx

    • That is such a lovely comment! Thank you. I’m also always on the lookout for new friends 🙂 xx

  • Beth

    Oh wow what an amazing year. You look absolutely amazing! I love how body confident you are! Something I wish I had

    • I never use to have it Beth. It’s a recent acquisition, and one I am actively working on. Life is too short, and so I am making the most of it finally 🙂 xx

  • Tori Gabriel

    What an action packed amazing year. You have acheived so much! Well done. I can’t wait to see what’s in store for you in 2016!

    • Thank you very much. I have loved every minute, and can’t wait to see what happens this year! xx

  • The blue dress at the top looks absolutely gorgeous! Love the colour 🙂

    Rachel | http://www.beautyandthebird.co.uk

    • It really is a stunning dress! I am hoping to get a couple of the other patterns when they come back in stock 🙂 xx

  • Holy S**t those lingerie photos are fierce love how you embrace your body and are so positive about body image. You are my kinda friend that is for sure!

    • Wow! Thank you so much!!! I didn’t use to be, but am getting better at it. Friends are always most welcome xx

  • PrettyLusciousThings

    What a fantastic year you had, you have a great blog and the hard work is paying off with all those rewards.

    • Thank you, I have been working hard at it, and it really is all going nicely. Have a great 2016 xx

  • What an incredible year 🙂 You’ve achieved so much, and you always look like you’re having an absolute ball!! I’m looking forward to seeing what you get up to in 2016 xx

    • I really have had an amazing time. There will be lots going on, so look out for more exciting adventures and fun times xxx

  • Hayley Ann Stewart

    Love this! Go Tan you awesome lady with gorgeous frocks! And loving the new template too.

    • You are always too lovely! It’s a pity we aren’t the same size as we could frockshare! Txx

  • What a fab year!! You’ve achieved so much haven’t you. 🙂

  • Mellissa Williams

    It’s amazing what being a blogger can do for your confidence. Fabulous photos, you look sexy and curvy and all woman 🙂

  • That is one busy year, and sounds like another busy one coming up. Congratulations on the award

    • Thank you very much, I was really honoured! Hopefully this year goes from strength to strength for us both x

  • jigsawparenting

    you go girl you look bloody amazing – keep your head high its far to beautiful to be looking at the floor

    • That is such a lovely thing to say, and I intend to! Have a happy and successful 2016

  • Elizabeth

    You look absolutely amazing!!! I love your style and your confidence! 🙂 Wishing you all the best for an even better 2016! 🙂

    • Thank you so much! Its a new found confidence, and I am loving it. Onwards and upwards. Have a great 2016 x

  • Codie Louise Austin

    What a great year for you! Well done! These pictures are gorgeous – you really suit vintage style dresses! Excited to see what this year brings for you 🙂 x

    • Thank you Codie! I do love the style of clothing, and have never been happier in my looks. I hope to have lots to report 🙂 xx

  • Beautyqueenuk

    You look amazing and there are so many fabulous dresses x

    • Thank you! I do have a bit of a dress addiction :-$ xx

  • The Nice Nest

    What a lovely upbeat post to celebrate what looks like a very full and fun packed year.

    • Thank you very much! It really was a good year xx

  • My Make Up Life

    loving all the dresses. must have been a super fun year

    • I do love my dresses! Funny considering I only started dressing like that about 18 months ago! xx

  • 2015 must have been a fab year for you. Well done. Hope this year is even better.

    • Thank you Stella, and I hope you have a busy, productive, fun and healthy year! xx

  • You look AMAZING! How is it possible for you look to look stunning in everything? I especially <3 the little umbrella! Definitely would love one! You have some amazing dresses! xx

    • Awww Kerry-Ann, you are so kind! The umbrella was from Ebay in loads of different colours!! And yes, I am a bit of a dress addict lol xx

  • Working Mum Blog

    You look great! Thank you for sharing your milestones from 2015. Looks like a busy and fun year. Wish you the same and more for 2016. xx

    • Thank you so much! There is certainly lots to come. I hope your year is happy, healthy and fun xx

  • What a fab year! Wishing you every success for 2016!

  • Wow, what a wonderful year you had. I wish you all the best in 2016 and lets hope it will be even better than 15!

    • Thank you Agata, I really did. I hope yours is happy and successful x

  • Deanna

    This looks like an AMAZING year for you, and you’ve done some amazing things! Girl you make a GORGEOUS model! I hope 2016 is as packed full of wonderful adventures and lovely happenings for you!

    • Thank you so very much Deanna, its lovely of you to say! Have a great year too xx