Living large in London

Tuesday afternoon I hopped onto the Northampton to Euston train and met up with a couple of other bloggers for a spot of dinner and a gossip. Of course no trip to London is complete without a little bit of shopping, and maybe a selfie or two…..

I left work a couple of hours early, got myself changed into a lovely  Lady Voluptuous Ursula dress, suede wedge boots and my big vintage fake fur coat and travelled down to London, with only my music and my blogging notebook to amuse me.

image-10-e1452893841218I had to pop into Oxford Street first on an errand for Baby Bear, which was a bit problematic. Hitting Selfridges at 6pm was a bit of a nightmare, but eventually I got back on the tube to try and find the other ladies.

Meeting up with Lottie, Em, Katt and Kathryn in Central London was a bit tricky. Everyone finished work or had trains arriving at different times, but eventually we all came together in Waterloo at the Beerhouse, and had a wander down to Pizza Express for some dinner.


I have to admit, until then, I had never been in a Pizza Express, and wasn’t too sure what to have as I am not a massive fan of the thin stonebaked type pizzas. However I was to be converted to the other side, when I ordered their Carbonara pizza.


I’ve never been a huge fan of anything tomatoey, as I find the taste a bit too strong. However, this pizza was slightly different – Pancetta, garlic oil, mozzarella and Gran Milano cheese on a béchamel sauce base and it had a fried egg in the centre, finished with parsley and more Gran Milano cheese.

I can honestly say, it was the BEST pizza I have ever had. I couldn’t eat it quick enough, although saved that lovely middle part with the fried egg till last. Absolutely fabulous!


Unfortunately, I had to leave slightly earlier than everyone else, to get my train back to Northampton.

I had to make a bit of a dash for it, and then sat on a train that wasn’t going anywhere fast! I had booked the 2149 train back, which left on time, however due to line issues at Leighton Buzzard, a 56 minute journey took me 2 and a half hours!!!


Arriving home after midnight, I thankfully slid between the sheets and slept like a log.


Some people asked why I would go all the way to London to have a quick bite to eat at a Pizza Express, and then come home again. My answer to that was “why wouldn’t I?”


Memories cannot be made by staying in your pyjamas and watching the TV at home!

Meeting up with the others, sharing a meal, having giggles and gossip all add up to a great night out for me. It certainly is something I wouldn’t dream of turning down.


I’ve now got another memory, plus lots of photographs to add to my memory book, which has lots more pages waiting to be filled, and I intend to fill every single one of them.


Till next time,


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  • BixxBoxx

    What a lovely evening! Even a few hours with you lovely ladies is totally worth it! A pizza without tomatoes, though – that’s a step too far…! 😄 xxx

    • Tanya Brannan

      Oh no… you should give it a go! It as divine xxx

  • Working Mum Blog

    Sounds like you had a fab evening with your blogger friends. Shame about the journey back being so long but looking at the photos look like it was totally worth it! Enjoy rest of your weekend and stay smiling! x

    • Tanya Brannan

      It really was worth it, and I can’t wait for the next time! Thank you for visiting, and have a great week xx

  • jigsawparenting

    sounds like you had an amazing time I am 7 hours from London and last time I was there we stayed the weekend and visited the Harry otter studios

    • Tanya Brannan

      Wow.. Long journey then! I am hoping to go to Harry Potter Studios in June 🙂


  • Oh I’m still very much coveting that dress, soooo lovely!
    It looks like you had a great time with some total babes 🙂 Also that pizza looks delicious, I’ve never had fried egg on a pizza before but it sounds gorgeous! xx

    • Tanya Brannan

      The purple one? It really is a beauty! I would like to get it in the burgundy print next 🙂

      The pizza was nearly as good as the dress 😉


      • The burgundy print is great too, Lady Voluptuous are really knocking it out of the park with their designs at the moment 🙂 x

        • Aren’t they just! I need to remortgage my house so I can buy every single one xx

  • I always opt for a pollo ad astra at Pizza Express but yours does look a little different and still super tasty! Thanks for the heads up ;p

    • Tanya Brannan

      I will have to have a look at the Pollo ad Astra next time I go there… will probably still opt for this one though 🙂


  • Kacie Morgan

    That pizza looks divine! I visited my local Pizza Express for the first time last year and I was pleasantly surprised.

    • Tanya Brannan

      me too! I would definitely go back again, just to have that pizza 🙂


  • Teresa Bowen

    For me the trip to London takes just over two hours and I do it regularly for exactly the same reasons you mention. Meeting up with friends and having a great time, making memories and having fun is worth all the travel time.

    • Tanya Brannan

      Isn’t it just! I love catching up with people, having an amazing time and trying new things, so distance, for me isn’t a problem!


  • Beautyqueenuk

    I live in London and that pizza with the egg on is heaven to me, the only pizza I really like x

    • Tanya Brannan

      If I lived in London, I would probably have that for breakfast, lunch and dinner!! It really was amazing


  • If only that eggy pizza was vegetarian because it looks delicious. Glad you had a good time in London.

  • Elizabeth

    Looks like a fab trip into the city 🙂 I wish I could just nip into London!

  • That pizza looks absolutely delicious! Yummy! Great post 🙂

    Rachel |

    • It really was! I can’t wait to go there and eat it again


  • fashion-mommy

    I’m with you, it sounds like a fab night, always lovely to meet friends.

    • Definitely. I can’t wait for the next time 🙂