The planner of my dreams!

I have a confession to make. I am an organisational nut.

I can’t NOT have dates and appointment, plans and meetups logged down. I have notebooks, blogging notebooks, to do lists, calendars on my phone and tick sheets. I have info jotted down everywhere. I am slightly obsessed by it.

I hate being late for anything, and will leave an hour early to get to an appointment a 10 minute drive away. I have always been paranoid about missing things or forgetting about something. I even get great satisfaction from crossing things off on my lists. It feels like I am on “top of things”

This has always been an issue, but has only got worse since becoming a blogger. There are so many blogging and plus size events going on throughout the year, that this year I really needed to up my game.

That is where Personal Planner came into play.

I was just browsing the internet, like you do, hunting for a planner that served my needs. I had been poodling around for about 90 minutes and hadn’t found anything I liked.

Then I hit up the personal planner website. This website is simply amazing! Planners, Notebooks and accessories, all fully adaptable and with so many options, you will be stuck for choice.

I decided to go with an A5 planner, and there are literally hundreds of designs, prints and patterns to choose from. Or you can upload your own photos or design. Well, that was just too good not to go with, so I decided to use my business card design (kindly provided by Paul at Pixel Stylist) for the front and back covers of the planner.

IMG_1948 (2)

Moving to the inside of the planner, it is totally customisable. You choose the headings, the layout of the days, what extras to have and even the colour of the elastic closure.

IMG_1949 (2)

On each page, you can add customisable boxes at the bottom, which include to-do lists, dinners for the week, or even music staves for the talented out there.


You can add all the birthdays, anniversaries and special occasions of your family and friends, and these will be printed out on their specific days, and if you are even more organised (unlike me) you can have a section at the back which is a printed address book with all your entries listed!

The back section of the planner is again customisable. You can add sudoku pages, sheets of music, map pages and even adult colouring pages. I really struggled here to decide what to choose from, as I wanted them all.


My very final section again was something I could choose. Now, as this is going to be my blogging planner, I went with the logical option of 40 pages of lined paper. This will allow me to make notes, plan posts and jot down ideas. A perfect end to a perfect planner.

Once I had chosen all my options (then changed some, then re-organised, then changed some again) I decided to go ahead and order the planner.


Personal Planners offers free shipping Worldwide, so all I had to pay was the £22.90 for the planner itself. This came with clear plastic covers to protect your planner, a plastic ruler (colour of your choice) and a clear plastic folder to pop bits into.

Now, was the tricky part. The wait for it to be printed and shipped. The company is not based in the UK, but in Sweden, and I knew there would be a bit of a wait.

I am happy to report however, that the Planner arrived, beautifully printed just 12 days after ordering it! I have to admit even I was amazed by the speediness in which it came.

I opened the package, and there, was my beautiful planner. Perfectly printer, bearing all the details and choices I wanted. The quality, is just amazing, the print is spot on, and the whole look is just so fabulous that I can’t wait to show it off.

Another fabulous feature from the website, is an online blog planner where you can add your blogging plans for the week, and link it to your social media. This then shows a picture of your online schedule. A really clever little perk.


One of the best parts of the personal planner company, is that when you have added all your special dates and addresses, it keeps them on file, and updates them for the next time you want to order from them.

I say next time, because without a shadow of a doubt I will be ordering again from them. This time, I will do it in Early December, so I am up and ready to use from the 1st of January.

I really cannot recommend this company enough. I am over the moon with my purchase, and thoroughly recommend you check them out. Their products also make absolutely amazing presents.

My next purchase will probably be a personalised notebook for a loved relative. Something that they can treasure and fill with memories and musings.


Thank you Personal Planners for firstly, coming up with this amazing idea, and secondly for my beautiful bespoke planner that I am going to have great fun showing off!

I’d love to hear your thoughts on my design choices, and please share yours if you too have used this amazing website.

Till next time,

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  • Rhian Westbury

    What an awesome diary. I always carry out a compact one for day to day use in my bag with month overviews as well as daily bits, but then a bloggers planner for at home where I can track stats/ what posts are going up when etc. It’s really handy x

  • I also hate being late, often turning up at least half an hour early for an appointment but I keep my appointments in my phone with a ton of reminders popping up or emailing me just to make sure. This, however, is a fantastic personal planner and I can think of a few people who would love it as a Christmas present.

  • Bex Smith

    I love Personal Planners – they are fabulous and so so helpful! I really must get a new one!

  • Beth

    personal Planners are great! I love the look of your diary. So good to be organised isn’t it

  • Reclusive Fox

    I love personal planners (and stationary of any kind!) but I am so rubbish at using them. I like your design though and the additions. Being able to customise the planner is cool 🙂

  • Eve Redmond

    This looks brilliant, I need to invest in a planner!

  • Jay

    There’s nothing wrong with being incredibly organised! I’m exactly the same. The planner looks amazing too!

    Jay || PuzzlePieceLife

  • These look great – I think I really do need to get myself one … but maybe I’ll put the pooch on the front as he is completely adorable!

    C xx

  • I like that it is customization and can reflect your own personal identity. A great feature to have in a planner. How much do they cost?

    • They really are so versatile – It depends on the size you have but the biggest is £22.90 with free delivery!

  • Katt Martin

    That planner looks amazing! I would always forget mine if I got one, I’m pretty useless with being organised!

  • Leanne Dolan

    Ah never heard of these. I love the personalisation! Might have to look into something like this for next year x

  • The Nice Nest

    I love any kind of stationery and have a couple of notebooks on the go for different things. I like the idea that you can customise to suit.

  • omg yes I need one of these in my life I miss dates and running around last minuet

  • Oh wow I love this and I want one :). I am like you I hate being late for anything

  • Tori Gabriel

    This looks great. They need to do one tailored to bloggers particularly with a place to write your stats daily and weekly and monthly and maybe a chart at the back to plot them.

    • You can choose what you have on the bottom of each page, and can adapt the items to have in the back, so this possible would be exactly what you want, given the different options for personalisation


  • I would love to have a similar one. Looks amazing.

  • Wow this planner looks amazing! I totally need one. Such a sucker for stationery!
    Emily from

  • I just love how much you can customize this planner to be exactly as you need it. That is a rare find!

  • Beautyqueenuk

    This is brilliant, I just love it and I am glad to see that you have made it work for you x

  • Helen

    This planner looks fabulous. I love that you are able to customize it. This would be great to keep me organised.

  • bericebaby

    OH NO!!! I cant deal – I have become a planner addict I currently have 2 Websters Pages and a Happy Planner… Now I need a this personal Planners… Ahhhhh. Great review hun. Will look into getting new planner 😀
    Charlotte x

  • That’s so cute! Great idea xx Josie