Lana is the one for me

Over the Christmas period, I was very lucky to be given some money from my family, and what better way to spend it than in the sales.

Even luckier was the fact that Lindybop held a massive sale, with some items as much as 70% off. Well, I could hardly miss out on such bargains.

I initially ordered 4 dresses and a bardot style top, for the bargain price of £40! They arrived a week later,  and I couldn’t wait to try them all on.

Whilst I am sad to say that the top and one of the dresses didn’t fit and had to go back, the other three were amazing.

My favourite of them all is the Lana in a lovely teal flower print. This was at the bargain price of £8.99, instead of the original retail price of £29.99!


The Lana is a popular style of dress, and Lindybop have this in 19 different materials, some plain and others various prints. These range in price up to £30.00. Every Lana comes with a matching wide material  sash type belt, with fastens with two matching buttons at the back.


These sash/belts give a very nipped in waspie waist effect, and it is a very flattering style. The skirt has a series of box pleats giving it a fullness, and it really comes to life when wearing with a tulle petticoat, which is how I have styled it here.


I took this outfit on its first run out to AJ’s rock and roll club on a Friday night. I had Victory rolled the front of my hair, and had initially put a large red rose clip in my hair.

On checking my reflection in the spare room I noticed a vintage 40’s hat that I own which was exactly the same colour! Well, it was just fortuitous. Swapping the flower for the hat seemed a perfect solution, and I topped it all off with a red patent clutch bag and ballet flats.


Popping out to the Dance club, I met up with a work friend and we went and had a burger before hand, then settled ourselves down for a night of great music and some amazing dancers.

This particular Lana print doesn’t have many sizes left in the sale now, but as I said, there are 18 other prints to choose from, and even at full price, this dress is a bargain!

It certainly won’t be the last Lana that I buy, the dress really is one of the nicest shape and designs that Lindybop do.

What do you think to how I have styled this?

Till next Time

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  • Sam Rowswell

    What a bargain! I had no idea they went that low in the sale. You look gorgeous, as ever. And I just love you have a flash of blue in your hair to match x

  • Kitty Wood

    what an absolute bargain! You look amazing in that colour, and the hat looks so cute with it 🙂

  • Rhian Westbury

    Absolute bargain, and it looks lovely on you. Such a nice colour, clearly these purchases were meant to be x

  • Elizabeth

    I LOVE that dress! How so very afforable too and it looks AWESOME on you! Your photos make me smile. 🙂

  • Kelly Fletcher

    Love love love Lana on you Tanya xx colour is great and style is super flattering. I’m so pleased I took advantage of the sale to grab my own Lana in Black Ditsy. Your styling as always in perfect.

    • Thank you so much Kelly, I can’t wait to see you in the Black Ditsy! x

  • Linda Hobbis

    I love Lindybop dresses. You made a great choice.

  • Hayley Ann Stewart

    You know me and my never ending love for Lanas! I think I’m on 6 now, and counting!

  • Laura

    You look absolutely beautiful in this dress Tanya. So pleased that you were able to get a great discount on it 🙂 xxx

  • oh wow what a bargain you would be silly not to buy indeed and the colour is fabulous on you

  • Love a god bargain! Excellent choice, you look amazing.

  • At under 10 pounds you have got yourself a bargain! I love the teal colour and the stunning print!

  • Leanne Dolan

    Considering this is avaliable in so many patterns I think you should collect them all! When u find a dress you love. Why wouldn’t you!

  • Bex Smith

    That dress is the stuff of dreams – its gorgeous, a bargain and it looks fantastic on you! Great bargain hun x

  • What a gorgeous dress, I love it and something I would definitely wear x

  • sarah Lea

    That dress is beautiful! I love the floral print and the turquoise/teal colour is very pretty! And 18 other prints to choose from!! Lovely bargain. xx

  • Jo Smith

    Shurrup!! 8.99?! What a bargain and how beautiful do you look as well. I love the cut, the style and even the length on it is perfect. Great spot!

  • Gorgeous dress and OMG what a bargain!

  • Elanor

    My friend swears by this shop! She recommended a few to me and I think I may even get my bridesmaid dresses from there 🙂

    • I know lots of people that have used them for bridesmaids dresses – they always look stunning too!

  • That dress is so pretty in s different way. Love it.

  • tracey bowden

    I love Lindy Bop yet have still to order, this dress is beautiful you look great and loving the price too, bargain!

  • Beautyqueenuk

    This dress is just absolutely beautiful and what a bargain too x

  • Hannah Malanga

    OMG Stunning! I havent ever heard of this company before, vintage style dresses are my favourite, Sorry but I am copying you on the dress haha

  • Gorgeous print, that dress really suits you!

  • How fun that you had a hat in just the right shade! The outfit looks adorable on you!