That’s Ms Goddess to you!

This past weekend found me going off to London again, to meet up with a few friends and explore LondonEdge.

If you have never heard of LondonEdge, it is a huge trade show held at Olympia, for vintage, alternative and lifestyle brands.


Everyone from Vintage clothing, to Latex, to Gothic styling and even Hair Dye companies can be found there. Anything with a different kind of ‘edge’ to it.

I was fortunate enough to have been invited as a VIP blogger and planned to meet up with the lovely Boo  Charli, Kerry and Lottie .


Well, the day could only be an amazing one, being spent in the company of those beauties!

When I printed off my ticket, The PR team hadn’t actually asked my surname, and duplicated my blog name onto the ticket.

This meant that my ticket was actually made out to Tanya Goddess. Well, I was over the moon with the fact that someone had finally appreciated my goddess like qualities! I am even considering changing it by deed poll 😉


Anyway,  on Sunday 7th February, at the ungodly hour of 6am, I got up and dressed in my best vintage style. I hopped on the 8am train from my local station, First Class of course (well, it was only a fiver extra) and put Ella Fitzgerald on through my headphones and I was well away!


Arriving in London around 9am, I knew the other ladies wouldn’t be there until at least 11am, so I thought it was time to pop over to Spitalfields, one of my favourite places for my regular cooked breakfast at Giraffe.


After thoroughly enjoying my breakfast, I popped back towards Paddington, where I was due to meet up with Boo and Charli, and then we got ourselves into a black cab and zoomed off to Olympia.

On arrival, one of the first people we spotted was Kerry – well we could hardly miss her with her hair! Once we had all met up, it was off to explore!


LondonEdge is simply fabulous. Catwalks, Seminars, dresses as far as the eye can see, shoes, bags and even millinery. I literally was in heaven.


Collectif, Hell Bunny, Dolly and Dotty, Voodoo Vixen, Banned, and  Silly Old Sea Dog… All there for my viewing (and drooling over) pleasure. It was so wonderful to see the new collections, the beautiful prints and designs. And I wanted them ALL.


Iron fist, Lola Ramona and Betty Page shoes were in attendance. Banned shoes and bags sent me into ecstasy over their matched offerings. I really don’t want to tell my other half that I need to remortgage the house this year, in order to buy EVERYTHING!


We spent quite a bit of time (and trying things on) at the Yummy Gummy Latex stand. The colours and glittery designs were beautiful, if not a bit too young for me. I honestly think Baby Bear would have an aneurism if I told her I had purchased a Latex dress!

We were joined by the divine (and super gorgeous) Georgina at this stand, who promptly got changed into a latex dress, and had men’s tongues literally hanging out as they all stood around watching. I honestly don’t think she realised the effect she was having on Olympia!


One of the stalls I loved the most was called Vintage Pinstripe run by a lovely lady called Sweet Jane who is a marvel at Pinstriping. She told us that she could pretty much pinstripe anything from cars to stiletto heels. They were all amazing, however my favourite product from her was her bags.


She literally finds vintage handbags, lovingly restores them and then pinstripes them with various designs.

She even can make bespoke designs – send her your bag and shoes and she will pinstripe them to match your outfit. All of them were absolutely beautiful, and I had my eye on a couple of pieces….Well Mothers Day is coming up soon!


I finally got to meet the lovely Ms Luck of Lady Lucks Boutique. I have been a fan of her hair flowers for quite a while, yet have never got round to actually getting one! This is something I intend on rectifying soon.

Seeing her hair flowers in reality was even better than the gorgeous pictures I had seen online. The colours and combinations really are a banquet for the eyes.

First on the list for payday is the gorgeous Stargazer Lily. I don’t think I have ever seen anything so perfect. It really is stunning, and will be the focal point of any outfit.


Chatting with her about various ventures, I am hopeful for future products, and I know I will be avidly watching her social media. If you don’t follow her already, go check her out!

Moving on to Dolly and Dotty, I was really pleased to be talking to Katie on their stand, as they are a new brand that I wasn’t previously aware of. We had watched the catwalk earlier, and had been treated to an amazing array of beautful dresses, which go up to a size 24, with some limited designs even going up to a 26.


I was really excited to look at their collection, as the styles and fabrics they had showcased were so pretty and girly. Perfect vintage designs, and one of the things I liked the most is that they offer the same dresses in several colours and patterns,

I hate when I find a dress style I love, but it only comes in a pattern or colour I don’t like! The fact that these are  coming in a variety of colours, means there is bound to be something for everyone!


I have already been perusing the website, seeing what I can buy next. There is a long wishlist already that I keep adding to. They certainly are a brand to watch!

Another of my favourites was the Lola Ramona shoe and bag stand. There was a couple of reasons for this. The first was the absolutely beautiful array of shoes and matchings bags that they had on display, But the main reason was that several of the shoes came with a choice of heel.


This is ideal for me, as being a heavy girl, I cannot walk in stiletto heels for any longer than 30 minutes before they cripple me. I need a small chunky heel, or a little kitten heel, and this was exactly what was on offer.


I could choose the most beautful handbag, and have 2 or 3 shoe options to go with it. For me, this is amazing as there is nothing worse than finding the most amazing matched set, and admitting to yourself that there is no way you would be able wear them, and therefore giving up and wearing your boring old flat shoes again.

Most of their shoes had a distinctive vintage flair to them, and that for me meant they were ideal for my style of clothing, as I always seem to struggle with knowing what shoes to wear with my outfits.


Talking about outfits, look at this amazing print from Silly Old Seadog. I have been a fan for quite a while, and love wearing my poodle dress and matching bandana that I purchased from her whilst at Twinwood Vintage Festival last year.


Alison has the most amazing new fabrics, including this stunning mermaid dress. I need to buy this dress so badly, even though I am nearly 42. I will be channelling my inner 5 year old in these vibrant beautiful colours! All I need is an oyster style bag to go with it, and I will be in my element.


After several hours of wandering around, interacting with brands and checking out the all the new collections, our feet finally gave up, along with our bellies, and so we decided to go and get some dinner together.

Hitting the Pizza Express close to Olympia, it was bliss to put our feet up, and tuck into wonderful hot cheesy goodness. I had my Carbonara Pizza again, and was not disappointed!


After stuffing ourselves with lots of pizza, it was nearly time for us to go our separate ways and head home.

Kerry and I happened to be on the same train home, so we got the tube together back to St Pancras, were we had about 90 minutes to kill. So what better way to spend it than in my favourite pub, The Betjeman Arms.


A couple of alcoholic beverages later, and it was time to get our very tired selves onto the train. An hour and a half later and I was back home, with my fleecy jammies and slippers on, in front of the TV.


I would call that a perfect end to a perfect day!

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  • Vintage Fee

    Oh man, I hadn’t even considered going this year but after seeing all the pictures I’m gagging to go next year! Let’s make it a date!

  • Kacie Morgan

    This looks like such a cool event – something a little different for a change 🙂 and the breakfast looks amazing!

  • Kitty Wood

    That mermaid dress is bloody amazing! I’ve been lucky enough to photograph some of Yummy Gummy Latex’s designs, she makes these awesome fishnet ones that are like nothing I’ve ever seen! You look so so good in green and purple <3

  • Hungry_Healthy_Happy

    I think you should change your name to Goddess 😉
    You can’t go wrong with a Giraffe breakfast – I have that every time I fly at the airport.

  • Natasha Mairs

    Love the range of bags and that mermaid dress. And I agree, you should change your name to Goddess xx

  • Rhian Westbury

    I wish I had known this was going on as I love some of the brands you’ve mentioned and stuff like Banned and things. Looks like you had a great day x

  • sarah Lea

    Oh my goodness, all those bags! That’s like bag heaven for me, haha. I also love the mermaid fabric dress, very unique and stylish! Haha, you should totally change your name to Goddess 😀 xx

  • It looks like you had fun! If you were African and my mother’s daughter, she would adore you lol! She always said while I was growing up, Papatia* “Hunters don’t go hunting for sticks and bones! They hunt for meat! Eat some food! ” She’s too funny. By hunters, she means men ;). Tlc gal and you have another great African symbol of beauty ^_^ (The dental gap). Girl, stay fabulous and lovely! xx

  • oh my god all I can say is boobs boobs boobs and yes go change that surname suits you

  • Bex Smith

    Sounds like a perfect day – I love all those bags, I would be in bag heaven!

  • Renna Creighton

    I do love vintage clothing, I can’t wear it….got no boobs, but, it is sexy as…. And those shoes!!! Love them.

  • Glad you had a good time at the event hun! Love Iron Fist I think they are so unique !

  • Tori Gabriel

    Sounds like you had a great time at the event! I love the new name! Tanya Goddess! I did a lot of repping when I was younger and you end up being referred to as your company name so I was Tori Haven. It was great until Itransferred to Direct Holidays. Tori Direct didn’t sound as good.

  • Sounds like you had a fantastic time! Some very fab looking items there

  • Sounds like you had a great time. Event must have been amazing. Am jealous.

  • I have to admit I’ve not heard of this event before, but it looks amazing and such fun. x

  • Hannah Malanga

    I have never heard of this, it looks amazing! I love vintage stuff, I would be totally in heaven here

  • What unusual clothes and bags! Looks like somewhere I could spend hours in peering at everything 🙂

  • Wait what Carbonara pizza is a thing!? I need one.

  • I am so in love with those shoes! This looks fantastic

  • Nikee Pish Rayner

    I literally can’t wait for this weekend!<3<3<3