Gorgeous girls and galentine’s gifts

With today being Valentines day, a few of the plus size bloggers thought it would be nice idea to celebrate it between us. A Galentines Day gift, if you will. A Loveswap in fact.

Taking part in the LoveSwap were the following amazing ladies –










The premise was to spend £10 on each other, and to keep it a secret, if you wished. Using a random name generator, I was given the person I had to buy for and duly set about trying to find something I hoped she would love.

Knowing that my lady is a particular Sci-Fi nut, I scoured various websites and companies looking for one or two little gifts that I could send.

I finally opted on a couple of items from one of her favourite shows, Doctor Who.

This little  Adipose Keyring  really was such a cutie, that I couldn’t resist him! Along with that I managed to find a pair of Tardis Earrings and had to go with a Tardis necklace to finish it all off.

I duly packed up my little surprises and sent them off to the lovely Natty Nikki!

On Saturday I had big brown envelope arrive. I immediately knew who it was from, as the post label had the University address they work at on it!


Opening the the envelope, I found my gift all wrapped in heart print paper, with a seperate card saying “Only open if you want to know who sent you this” Well…. I already knew that it had come from the wonderful Daisy so I opened the card anyway!


Tearing open the delicately wrapped package, I found a beautiful metal heart hanging decoration, with the words “Dream Big” painted on it, and a beautiful Gratitude journal.


For those of you not familiar with these, it is a daily journal that gives you space to list what you have been grateful about that day, and also any special moments you may have had.

I have been looking at these for a little while now, as with a bit of thought you can find lots to be thankful about every day.


When my mental health is a little bit low, looking back over some of the things that I will have filled in, will lift my moods and I truly think will help.

I have had quite a good week this week, with quite a lot to be thankful for. I intend to start the journal at the beginning of this week, writing down all the things that I have been grateful for, and then continue it day by day.


Once all the gifts were opened and shared, everyone decided to write a little blog about the experience, sharing what they got and what they had received.

Why not go and have a little look at their blogs to see exactly what they got!

Do you celebrate Valentines Day? Or is it all commercialised rubbish? Or did you, like us opt for a LoveSwap with your Galentines?

Till next time


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  • Vintage Fee

    Ahh perfect Love Swap gifts all round – and I received that card too!!

  • Sarah Doyle

    Didn’t she do good! I really enjoyed being involved in this, can’t wait for the next one! x

  • kitty kaos

    A gratitude journal sounds perfect!! I am starting bullet journaling and a gratitude page is something I am defo adding x

  • Rhian Westbury

    This is such a nice idea that you ladies decided to do a present swap with each other. Looks like you had some lovely gifts x

  • Hungry_Healthy_Happy

    I only heard about Galentine’s Day last week and I think it is such a lovely thing to do, to celebrate friendship.

  • What a lovely gift, a gratitude journal is just what we need when we feel down I need one!

  • Wow I’ve never seen a gratitude journal but I have used a notebook to write down things I am grateful for. I love the journal and the whole idea 🙂

  • That is such a lovely gift. I’ve not seen a gratitude journal before.

  • Mandi

    What a lovely idea, and the gratitude journal sounds like a great gift, I look forward to hearing all of the things you are grateful for and hope it helps if you are having a down day xx

  • Leanne Dolan

    This is such a lovely idea. That gratitude journal is also a fab idea. I might have to DIY myself one using one of the many notebooks I have!

  • This sounds like a great idea a little bit like secret santa.

  • oh what a fantastic idea I love it and I love your gift x

  • What a great idea, and I love the gratitude journal. We don’t celebrate valentines day x

  • Aww, this is so sweet, how fun! I love the journal and it sounds like you were a great gift-giver too.

  • Such a great idea to swap gifts. Until the weekend, I had no idea what Galentine was! lol x

  • Never heard of Galentine until last weekend. Good to know it exists. Good cause.

  • Kacie Morgan

    This is such a lovely idea. I should have got involved in something like this myself!

  • i love this idea!!! so much better than overpriced roses and chocolates! a true friendship x

  • Jenny Eaves

    Aww, this sounds like a great idea! Much better than flowers or crocs! 🙂 x

    • I would love the gift of crocs! Not those plastic shoe things though… A baby crocodile or two 🙂

  • I love Parks and Rec for giving us the gift that is Galentine’s Day, I hope you had a great one! xo

  • Ickle Pickle

    What a brilliant idea! I LOVE that gratitude journal, I want one! Kaz x

  • Bex Smith

    This sounds like such a lovely idea! I hope you had a fab day x

  • Hannah Malanga

    Such a lovely idea! That gratitude journal is brilliant, I haven’t seem them before. How lovely and thoughtful of her to get you that

  • Beautyqueenuk

    I love this idea, the more I read about it, the more I wished I had done it x