Twiggy’s Biggie Birthday!

For those of you who don’t know me too well, I am an only child. Whilst I have a large family, I don’t have immediate siblings, but this has never been much of an issue for me.


When I got married, I gained two siblings. My sister in law Angela, and brother in law Paul. As mentioned in past posts, Paul is serving in the military in South Korea, and Angela and her husband live down in the South of England.

When baby bear and little chick were around 3, Angela and Gordon gave us the happy news that they were expecting a little bundle of their own.


On 29th February 2000 Twiglet (obviously a nickname) entered the World.

Immediately I was in love. She was a beautiful happy baby, with the sweetest eyes and smile. She captured my heart from the first moment of meeting her.


Now, being a leap year baby means that she only gets to celebrate her actual birthday every four years. Whilst this is certainly novel, it means that for 3 years you don’t get to have a proper birthday. This has never stopped Twiglet from making the most of her birthdays, sometimes dragging them out for a couple of days!


This year is a leap year, and marks Twiglet turning 16. A milestone birthday for anyone, but even more so when you only get to do it every 4 years.


Over the 16 years, she has grown into a beautiful, bright, eloquent and amazing girl. Her kind heart, quick wit and personality have developed, and she really is the type of girl anyone would be proud to call family.

She is a whizz with a camera, and music comes so easily to her, with piano and guitar skills I envy. She has a lovely singing voice, yet she never lets any of us hear her!


She left her family for a month and trekked to Peru, taking cold showers, eating Quinoa every day and helping at a primary school for under-privileged children. She really is someone I admire very much, for someone so young.


Due to the similarity in ages between her and my two children, they have grown together, shared fun and secrets and taken holidays together.


Certainly they have grown closer, the older they have become. When younger, two would gang up against one, and the combination of the two was very fluid. Now they are more like the three musketeers. One for all, and all for one!

I have no doubt that if one of them had a problem, the others would be there for them. And not always agreeing with their options and choices.


Twiglet has never been shy on giving her opinion, standing up for herself and others. This is another thing I admire in her. Certainly at 16 I had no idea of who I was, let alone what my views and ideas were.

Children grow up so very quickly, and in the blink of an eye they have gone from being in a pram, to toddling, to wearing high heels and socialising. Everything is so rapid nowadays, that it is hard to appreciate how quickly someone is growing and changing.


I am lucky that due to the family bonds we have, I have always been included and involved in Twiglets life. I have cuddled her, read to her, watched her ballet recitals, danced with her and teased and tickled her. And now I have seen her turn into the most amazing young woman.


I know that in the next few months she will be taking her GCSE exams. I have no doubt that she will apply herself, and end up with the results she quite rightly deserves.


The world truly is her oyster, and I believe she will achieve great things.

Happy (4th) Birthday Twiglet. Sweet Sixteen is an amazing age. Enjoy every second, and remember that you have an Auntie (amongst others) who loves you to pieces.


Now stop reading this and Go out there and grab your dreams!

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  • Happy birthday to your Daughter, 16 is such a special age to reach x

  • Vintage Fee

    Yay! Happy birthday Twiglet!

  • Hungry_Healthy_Happy

    Happy birthday 🙂
    Wow, that trip to Peru sounds amazing too – somewhere I have always wanted to go to.

  • Kelly Fletcher

    Happy Birthday to Twiglet xxx she sounds like an amazing young lady

  • Rhian Westbury

    What a lovely post and happy birthday to Twiggy. Sounds like sees an amazing 16 (or 4) year old. x

  • What an absolutely lovely post, I hope she had the most amazing birthday 🙂 x

  • Leighanne Modeste

    Aww Happy Birthday to Twiggy, Peru will be amazing

  • Off to grab my dreams. Thanks for sharing an inspiring post.

  • aw happy sweet 16th birthday its amazing how looking at photos over the years are inspiring and somewhat emotional

  • Natasha Mairs

    Happy 16th birthday. Hopes she has the best birthday ever

  • Tori Gabriel

    What a lovely post! She sounds like an amazing young woman. I was really impressed with her trek to Peru. Definitely encourage her to travel. I feel like I learnt more during my travelling years than I ever did in school.

  • She is fantastic, what a kind-hearted compassionate young woman you should definitely be proud of her hun xx

  • Aww, this is so sweet. Happy 16th! Leap Year birthdays are so special.

  • Laura

    Aw this is such a sweet post to mark such a special occasion. Happy Birthday! xxx

  • Hayley Ann Stewart

    This is such a gorgeous post, and she is such a stunner! So lucky to have such a lovely auntie, who also happens to be an awesome role model out there making her own dreams come true! Happy Birthday lovely Twiggy!

  • Elizabeth

    Aww how lovely! My own eldest will be turning 16 soon. I can hardly believe it!

  • Leanne Dolan

    Aw this is such a lovely post you’ve said some really nice things about her! If I had a birthday every 4 years I’d make a big song and dance about it! Ha!

  • Hannah Malanga

    What a lovely post, It must be so strange having a birthday once every 4 years! Deserves some extra special celebrations

  • Lovely post! I hope she had a wonderful birthday! xo

  • Such a cute post! Must be annoying to have your birthday on a leap year but I guess it makes them all the more special!

  • Renna Creighton

    Aaah, that’s a lovely post. I’ve always wonder what leap babies for their birthdays in between. I’d would most definitely make it last too!

  • Zena’s Suitcase

    That would be a double cause for celebration wouldn’t it! She’s sounds like a lovely girl and I really hope she made the best of her birthday

  • Cassandra

    Such a lovely post! Hope she had an amazing birthday xx

  • Happy birthday to your gorgeous girl. Hope she had a fantastic day

  • Ooo it must be weird to have birthday every 4 years… I bet 29th is always super special!