Jukebox Jaunts

Tuesday evening saw me meet up with the wonderful Kerry from Ruby Thunder Blog for an evening of musical entertainment.

After reading a random facebook post on Kerry’s page, asking who wanted to go and see Post Modern Jukebox in Cambridge, I sent a series of drunken begging messages stating my desire to go.


For those of you who have never heard of PMJ, It is the brainchild of Scott Bradlee, who using a variety of singers, takes on brand new (some slightly older) songs, and turns them into a jazz/swing/vintage tunes.

If I have lost you there, imagine Miley Cyrus sung by a 30’s style jazz band. It literally is as bonkers as that.

I have loved PMJ for the past couple of years, and have 4 of their albums – Historical Misappropriation Twist is the New Twerk Clubbin’ with Grandpa and Selfies on Kodachrome

On these albums, you will hear songs by everyone from Taylor Swift to Guns N Roses. And that is precisely what I love about the whole concept.

The songs may have been slowed down, or even sped up. They may have originally been sung by a male, and now its a female. It could have been rock originally, and now its Jewish swingtime. You start to hear a tune, think “hmmm that sounds familiar” and then realise its one of the biggest pop hits of the year.

All of the featured artists can sing their hearts out and Scott Bradlee brings the tunes to life. I love the whole topsy turvy feel to the songs. The recognisable can almost be unrecognisable.

As you can tell, I am a a bit of a fan. And they are in the middle of a huge European concert tour. Well, I could hardly miss out on what would be an amazing Gig.

So, a bit of begging later, and Kerry booked two tickets for us to see them at the Cambridge Corn Exchange.


On such a high occasion, it was very difficult to decide on what to wear to the Gig. Do I go full out swing dress, wiggle style, or even velvet evening gown?

In the end, I decided on a favourite choice of mine, my Pin Up Girl Clothing blue and burgundy Tiki dress and my 40’s blue hat. With a couple of victory rolls, cats eye flicks and red lips I was ready for the night.

Kerry kindly offered to pick me up, and off we set on our mini road-trip. It only took an hour to get to Cambridge, however when we got almost there, we hit a road block, with a diversion! Thankfully down to Kerry’s amazing navigational skills, we got there, parked up and went in search of the Corn Exchange.

The hall was absolutely chock-a-block full of people, surprisingly of all ages. I saw children around 9 or 10, right up to couples in their 70s. Clearly PMJ appeals to everyone!

The band came onstage and literally the roof lifted off the building. They were absolutely amazing! Compered by the Unbelievable LaVance Colley, who has a voice like I have NEVER heard before. He honestly could sing the Telephone Book and I would listen!


Amazingly there were 3 female vocalists, Maiya Sykes, Sara Niemietz, and Cristina Gatti, and they literally were some of the best vocalists I have ever heard.

The rest of the band comprised Adam Kubota, Tim Kubart, Jessie Elder, Dave Tedischi, Lemar Guillary, Ben the Sax Guy and Casey “Bassy” Abrams, who rocked my World with his version of “Sweet Child O’Mine”


On top of that, the most amazing Tap dancer, Sarah Reich came out and blew us all away with her dancing skills! Her feet literally were on fire as she tapped along to the songs. This was only eclipsed by her “beat battle” with the drummer, Dave Tedischi. I hate to say it Dave, but Sarah definitely WON!


Song after song, I danced my little heart out, and sang along to Justin Bieber, Katy Perry, Beyonce, Guns n Roses, Outkast, Taylor Swift, Lady Gaga – literally no-one is immune to the PMJ treatment. Every single song was different in its own way. Combine this with the most amazing vocal talents, and you have a night to remember.


Standing in the auditorium, the atmosphere was electric. Everyone was dancing and singing along, and I could feel my voice getting hoarse from cheering and screaming my approval.

Sadly, after two solid hours, the concert came to an end, but not before finishing with Taylor Swifts “Shake it Off” as an encore.

I have to say, it literally has been one of the best gigs I have ever been to. Dare I say, equally rivalling “Aerosmith” live at Download 15? Yes…. I think I can say that.


For such a last minute organised event, it was one of the best ever!

Only down side for me, was the fact that having a brand new phone, with a super duper powerful all singing and dancing camera, I was unable to get any decent shots from the show!

However, due to the power of Twitter, I must give thanks to @no4rugbyguy for the use of these photos – Go check them out on Instagram and Twitter!

Where you there that night? Let me know what you thought to it!


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