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A little while ago I was introduced to the Blogger Beauty Box. As with a lot of boxes, its a subscription box put together by the lovely Victoria and Neesha, for bloggers only.

I recieved my first box in January and absolutely loved the contents within – Bath and shower products, moisturisers and tanning products. It really was a lovely mixed box, for the bargain price of £10!


I signed up again for February, and was even more surprised by the contents inside the box when it arrived.

As always, it is well boxed up in a white cardboard box, with the beauty blogger logo on the front. Lovingly wrapped up in pink tissue paper, I was amazed how full the box was!


This months haul included lipstick, eyelashes, fake tan, mineral mask, make-up remover, cleansing milk and hydrating mist.

I was really impressed with the size of the products included, with most of them being full sized! I have purchased quite a few beauty boxes in the past, and am surprised by how small a lot of the sample products are inside them. This box is not like that at all.

Here is a run down of the products that I got in this months box –

Full size Puriskin Lipstick in ………….. RRP £12.99


A full size bottle of Madame La La Tan RRP £25.00


A full size bottle of Merumaya Bi-phase plus eye make-up remover RRP £14.50


A full size bottle of DHC Mineral mask RRP £29.00


A pair of Threads Angel Eyes lashes RRP £9.00


and two testers from JR Naturorganics – a pot of Mandarin and Chamomile gentle cleansing milk, and a bottle of hydrating mist. RRP for full size products £21.00 each.

Combined together these products had a value of over £90.

I had never heard of the Puriskin range, where you can customise your lipstick treats with them. By going onto their website you can decided on your colour, whether to have  a fragrance or flavouring added to  your purchase. My lip colour was a red colour, but with a coral undertone. I have to say I was extremely pleasantly surprised. The lipstick had a great coverage and lasted for hours. It reminded me of an old fashioned style “proper” lipstick, unlike some the light greasy lipsticks of today. It has become a fast favourite of mine and I have worn it nearly every day.

The Madam La La tan, I have to admit, I haven’t used. This is because tanned skin is not something I actively seek, as loving the vintage look, I opt for a more english rose type of skin tone. However, Baby Bear loves a bit of fake tan and so she tried it out on a recent night out. This particular pump bottle is for facial use, so we liberally put it on and left it as directed. She was really pleased with the coverage and the tan that developed and said she would happily use and purchase it again.

The eye make-up remover is fabulous. So gentle and mild, and as a contact lens wearer this is something I particularly look for. It took all the makeup off in one go, without having to rub or scrub. It also didn’t leave a greasy residue, which can happen with some other brands. This left my skin feeling very clean and also refreshed. It is definitely a product I would purchase in the future.

I was saving the DHC mineral mask, as I planned on having a long relaxing bath this weekend, with the radio, a book, this mineral mask and maybe even a glass of bubbles. It didn’t seem like a product I wanted to rush. Putting on a mask and then rubbing off hurriedly because you are running out of time is not the way to go! I was so right!


The clay mask was so soft on the skin and when left on for the suggested time, dried hard. It felt amazing once washed off, and left my skin soft and smooth. I’ll definitely be using this a lot!

I have yet to try the lashes (I am waiting to use them on a night out) They do look amazingly full, and I am really excited to see how they look on!

The last two items, the JR Naturorganics tester are lovely. The cream cleansing milk is very thick, and I found putting it on with cotton pads and wiping it off with a separate one, the best way to do it. The hydrating mist left my skin feeling very soft and moisturised. I would certainly look at getting these in the full sizes.

The blogger beauty box comes out every month and as I said previously is at the bargain price of £10 including P&P

You do have to be a blogger to qualify, but if you are and think this is for you, go along to Blogger Beauty Box and fill in the form. Payment is made by paypal, and then your wonderful box appears on the doorstep!

Each run of boxes is limited to 40, so make sure you get your name on the list quickly!

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  • Hungry_Healthy_Happy

    The mango and papaya body wash sounds good. I just love anything fruity like that – it reminds me of summer.

  • Katt Martin

    Oooo I might go look into this! Looks awesome!

  • Rhian Westbury

    That’s such great value for the box, I’ve seen a few people who have bought these now x

  • Loving the items in here. Great value for the box.

  • What a great sounding box – I am loving the look of that lipstick. x

  • I like the look of this box I did last summer get a little addicted to them and still have some of my boxes left.

  • Leanne Dolan

    I’d not heard about this subscription beauty box before. Looks like you got a nice selection of products

  • oh that lippy is a stunning shade and I just cant get those false lashes on right but loving this box

  • This is such a nice variety. I’d be pretty excited to try the mask and the lashes!

  • Tori Gabriel

    Wow. This sounds like an incredible box. What an amazing price for all the products you recieve. So glad they all seem to be great quality too.

  • That is amazing! I can’t believe how much you got in the box that is such good quality for money!

  • Wow it looks like you got loads of stuff in that box! Can’t believe how cheap it is, it’s definitely the cheapest subscription box I’ve ever seen.

  • Natasha Mairs

    these boxes sound fab!! And only £10!! I will have to get one of these!

  • Laura

    I love that shade of lipstick, such a beautiful colour! xxx

  • Hannah Malanga

    Wow this sounds so good! I can’t believe you got all of that for 10! Definitely going to have a look into these boxes

  • I have read a few reviews about the blogger box and I keep wanting to sign up. I am low on funds at the moment but as soon I have more cashflow I will sign up. Sounds like a really nice treat to look forward to each month.

  • Sounds like a really blogger box, I have tried a few in the past and they were always samples so this is more welcome for me and its not pricey