Floral Fancies

I decided that for Easter I would actually treat myself. In a vintage Facebook group, I had spotted a beautiful handbag, and had to know where it was from. What a fatal move!

Woody Ellen 9

The owner of the bag introduced me to the work of Woody Ellen. A Belgian Illustrator, who paints the most beautiful floral and bird scenes. She has a whole range of bags, scarves, purses and even mirrored compacts.

Woody Ellen 5

I couldn’t resist making a purchase. But which one to go with? I narrowed it down to five. Seriously, this could become a bit of an obsession!

I eventually narrowed it down to two, and then sat and thought about all the dresses I had, and what colour handbags I already owned.

Finally, It was decided. I had to go with a Pink one.

Woody Ellen 6

I immediately placed an order for the Woody Ellen Bloom Set This consisted of a handbag, card purse and a coin purse. By buying them as a set, I saved a grand total of nearly £23.00. An absolute BARGAIN!

I am currently waiting for the items to arrive from Belgium. The website advises that the items are posted within 7-10 days, but as its the Easter break, it may take a few days longer.

Woody Ellen 7

Being the impatient person that I am, I can’t wait to get my hands on them. I know there are another 4 designs that I would love to collect, so watch this space!

I plan on doing a full blog post on the arrival of the bag and other items. They really are stunning, so if you love handbags, especially Vintage style designs, pop over and see Woody Ellen here 

The other four choices I deliberated on are these………. Did I order the right one? What’s your favourite?

I can’t wait to hear what you think, especially to my final choice. I am sure the other ones will become part of my collection at some point…..

Till next time,


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