Eggs-Ellent Easter

Although I understand the significance of the Easter Festival, I haven’t been a practicing Christian for some time. So, for me Easter is a time of happiness and getting to be with my family. This has been even more important this year, as Little Chick is in a different part of the Country.

Thankfully, We actually got to spend it with her and my extended family, when we went down to stay with my Sister and Brother in Law for a few days over the Easter Break.


Little Chick is only living around 30 mins away from them, so arrived solo at the weekend and we travelled down on Saturday evening.

Easter Sunday was spent  giving eggs and presents, before going to a lovely pub in a neighbouring town for a gorgeous meal.

A wonderful blogger friend of mine, Katie Jane had posted a picture on Facebook a few weeks ago, of something her Father had been making.


When the package arrived, I was surprised by just how well crafted and beautiful these items were. Two perfectly designed wooden bunnies, each holding a little orange carrot.

Now, Katie Jane’s Dad didn’t know in advance, but my daughters are mirror twins. Everything about them is opposite, including the hand with which they write.

When I took the Bunnies out of the box, I was delighted to find one was holding the carrot in the right hand, the other, the left!

Also, imagine my surprise when I opened the rabbit to find a Cadburys Creme Egg inside, along with a little note giving the rabbits their names. Bluebell and Daffodil duly were filled with a £20 note, and wrapped up safely waiting for Easter Sunday.


Baby Bear and Little Chick were over the moon when they opened them up. They really are beautiful keepsakes, and something they can re-use time and time again. Maybe even with their own children one day.

This was suggested to Baby Bear, who at 19 said “hell no!  This is mine, I’m not sharing!” I guess that told me!

Spending Easter Sunday with the family was really lovely. A relaxed day spent chilling in the house  before going to The TownHouse Pub in Petersfield for our meal.


I opted to wear my Beautiful Teal and Dark blue Lady Voluptuous Marilyn dress. I topped this off with a vintage style flower in my hair, which I had styled in a full side roll. Pearl jewellery and a beautiful original vintage handbag courtesy of the lovely Pauline Rogers finished it all off.

The meal I had was absolutely fabulous! Roast Topside of beef, broccoli, cauliflower cheese, carrots, duck fat roast potatoes, stuffing and Yorkshire pudding. I was totally stuffed, but then the dessert menu came round, and I couldn’t refuse the Vanilla Pannacotta with marinated peach and raspberries.


It was absolutely beautiful, and I could not fault anything about it at all. As great as the food was, it was actually eclipsed by the staff and the service they gave! So very friendly, chatty and extremely helpful! If you are in the area, I thoroughly recommend giving them a try!

After that, we went back to the family home to celebrate with a few glasses of Baileys, whilst playing boardgames. A perfect way to spend Easter Sunday.


Easter Monday will be a different kettle of fish however, We have to take Little Chick back to University, and in the process pick up a couple of items of hers.

When I say a couple of items, I mean half her wardrobe! She is coming home for two weeks over the Easter break, and seems to need more clothing than a small Country. Given that we do have a washing machine and tumble dryer, I wouldn’t have thought she would have needed 32 pairs of socks…. But its good to be prepared for emergencies!


Most of the items we will be collecting will be bags of dirty washing! You wouldn’t think that they had washing machines and tumble dryers at Uni! Well, I just think she is studying so hard, she just doesn’t have the time……..

I am sure we will also spend half the day in the local supermarket stocking up on food for her fridges and freezers. Well, not a lot of food and lots of alcohol no doubt!

All in all, it’s been a lovely couple of days, and I wish I could have spent the rest of the week engaging in similar activities. I DO love a Bank Holiday weekend.

What did you do over Easter? Anything special?

Till next time,


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  • Kelly Fletcher

    I always ummm and ahhh over Lady V but every time I see you in yours Tanya it totally changes my mind. I definitely think I’m going to have to invest. Looks like you had an amazing Easter.

    • Tanya Brannan

      Do it!!! They really are lovely! In fact it’s been a Lady Voluptuous weekend with the Marilyn and two Phoebes!

  • What a lovely gift idea. I’m glad you enjoyed your bank holiday T. You look delectable in your Lady V I’m yet to try them. Xx

  • Oh it looks like you all had a lovely time, and that little rabbit was a beautiful gift idea!

  • Beth

    You look so beautiful. The dress is stunning. What a great bank holiday x

  • Harriet @ Toby&Roo

    Lovely pictures and that dress looks wonderful on you. H x

  • Mellissa Williams

    My son just returned from uni so I’ve been washing his clothes too! You look lovely in that dress, I love the retro design. Glad you had a great Easter.

  • Oh my gosh that rabbit with the egg hidden inside of it – how cute is that! x

  • I’m glad you had a great Easter I’m guilty of bringing my step-mum all my laundry when I go home for the holidays!

    Lots of love Em xxx,

  • Laura

    Aw sounds like you’ve had a lovely family Easter. I think of it as a time for family and friends rather than for religious reasons too. Those bunnies are fab! xxx

  • kitty kaos

    Sounds like you had such a lovely time and you looked stunning! Both your daughters are gorgeous too xx

    • Thank you Kitty! I have to admit the one with the long hair is my niece – my other daughter refuses to let me take her picture! 🙁

  • What a perfect gift for your daughters, they will be treasured I’m sure, it sounds like you had a fabulous Easter. xx

  • The meal does look fabulous. I am sure it was very tasty.

  • Aw glad you got to see Little Chick for Easter and it is lovely that you spent some quality time as a family.

  • What a surprise finding the chocolate inside that rabbit instead of a treat inside the chocolate! Looks like you had a lovely weekend 🙂


  • Sounds like a perfect Easter weekend spent with family and those bunnies are great keepsakes. I remember being at uni and hating the tumble dryers there.

  • Bex Smith

    Looks like a fabulous Easter weekend, looks like you all had a fab time x