When I started blogging 14 months ago, I had very little social media presence, apart from Facebook. I didn’t use Twitter very much, (and still not as much as I should) and Instagram was something I never went on.

In the past year I have somehow managed to garner nearly 3500 followers on Instagram. In fact, 3459 as of 1200 today.

This has all mainly happened due to my blogging, and taking thousands of selfies and other random snaps.

This following has come as a bit of a surprise, and so I though it fair to share the love back!

Working in collaboration with the amazing Murder of Goths, I have the chance to win a custom portrait, perfect for your blog headers, or as a cheeky little facebook profile picture.

You could even opt to have the portrait done of a friend or loved one. It’s entirely up to you!

All you have to do is this ………….

Follow Murder of Goths and Secret Plus Size Goddess on Twitter reposting a tweet,

OR Follow Murder of Goths  and Secret Plus Size Goddess reposting the picture on Instagram

OR even following our pages on Facebook. Links are here – Murder of Goths and Secret Plus Size Goddess

The winner will be chosen a week after I hit 3500 followers on Instagram.

So, what are you waiting for? Go and start reposting for your chance.

Oh, and for every media you follow, you get an entry – So, enter on Facebook, Instagram AND Twitter for 3 chances to win.

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  • This is a cool opportunity! I’d love to have someone draw a portrait of me 🙂 Congrats on all the Insta follows too!

  • Charl

    I absolutely adore Murder of Goths portraits and I love that she picks ladies from the plus size community! This is such a cool competition! x

    • She is great! I will be holding another later in the year so keep your eyes open for it

  • Oh those portraits look so cool! Very original.

  • love love love these! brilliant competition and congrats on teh instagram follows i’ll be checking out your feed x

  • Harriet @ Toby&Roo

    That is a fab following on instagram – out of all of the networks, I’ve found insta to be the slowest to build up, but once the ball gets rolling it suddenly seems to take off! H x

  • What an awesome giveaway – that pictures are absolutely amazing! I need to go and enter. x

    • I know you weren’t lucky this time, but I will be doing it again later in the year – keep your eyes open and your fingers crossed! x

  • What a great giveaway. The images are absolutely amazing.

  • It’s awesome that your following has grown so much! A custom portrait is a really cool prize!

  • Well done on growing your following on Instagram so much! x

    • I have no idea how it went so big, so quickly. I am thankful for everyone one of them! x

  • That’s an impressive following! Congrats and what a fab giveaway! x

    • Thank you honey. I hope to hold another later in the year – keep your eyes open for it x

  • Congrats on all you have achieved already. Good luck with the future x

  • What a great giveaway. The images are really cool!
    Love Em,

    • They really are amazing! I hope to run another one later in the year, so keep your eyes open for it x

  • Well done on reaching nearly 3500 followers that is incredible, I hope I can replicate your success xx

    • I am sure you can! If I don’t already follow you, let me know your IG name and I will x

  • Yay! Well done on reaching this milestone, it’s very well deserved. I love MoG’s artwork and it’s a fantastic prize 🙂 xx

  • Tori Gabriel

    Wow! Well done on reaching such a bench mark. I gave up with Instagram after a disturbing man started posting really inappropriate messages on there about my children. I set the account to private which killed any following I was accumulating. Still, I’m doing okay on FB and Twitter.

    • That isn’t good at all Tori! It’s a shame that there is always one bad apple in the bunch! x

  • Wow thats incredible in a very short space of time! Your selfies must be awesome:)

  • Congrats on getting such numbers in a short period of time and good luck to you

  • Hannah Malanga

    Wow that is a lot of followers! Well done. Like you I never used instagram or twitter before I started blogging so I am still trying to get my head around them and increase my followers but it is not easy